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Sh*tty Dealers..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by takeiteasy420uk, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. You're right. Wanna know something funny? I've worked something out..

    If I want £20's worth of weed (and a solid non-clipped 20) It'll cost me £35. £5 there and back in fuel and because Chrissy's dealer is retarded she only does a minimun deal of £10, so I'd have to buy another 10 to replace the £4 she took.

    £30 for £20's worth, all because of somebody's greed. Ain't that some shit?
  2. In all seriousness.. tell her about it. Tell her she needs to start driving you around if she feels the need to "take" the weed you paid for. Middlemen don't get paid shit if they aren't driving to you.
  3. she is risking a felony charge cough up the $4 and stop being a bitch

    or find yourself a real dealer
  4. The fuck did you just say, troll? He's the one driving the car. She is just walking a few blocks to his house without being noticed. OP is the one who has to pay for gas, get in trouble with the law, and front her money.
  5. tell her dealer u need fire n u got the cash or tell ur other friends dealer if he got's any better weed. problem solved
  6. Are you actually suggesting I let her take some of my weed as she is walking a stone's through from the car?

    Risking a felony charge? Everyone in my OP is also risking the same degree of felony (bar the dealer, ofc). Moron.
  7. [quote name='"takeiteasy420uk"']Okay, so I got my car repaired this month. This has some pro's and con's to buying my weed.

    When I didn't have my car I had to ring my friend up (For the sake of arguement, let's call her Chrissy). Chrissy would pick me up and drive me to her dealer because her dealer only deals to close friends. I'd give her the money in the car and she'd nip inside and get the weed. We would then go back to her house and roll a J and share it.

    But now because I have my car back I have to travel ten miles to her house, pick her up, take her to the dealers front door and all she has to do is walk about 10 yards and get the weed and get back in the car. Because I try to be responsible, I don't smoke and drive. But now because I don't smoke some with her, she's started clipping it (taking some) as a middle-man fee sort of thing.

    Am I the only one who thinks that's really unfair? They're taking a good £4's worth, for walking 10 or 20 feet and it's cost them jack shit.

    I do have a solution however, but it comes with it's own pro's and cons. My other friend (Who for the sake of arguement, we shall call Danielle) is friends with a guy who isn't a dealer, but he buys a lot of weed and doesn't mind selling some. He lives a bit futher away than Chrissy's dealer and it'd take a good 20 minutes longer to get there. He wouldn't rip me off and Danielle wouldn't ask for any in return, but the weed isn't quite as good and it's much futher to travel.

    I can easily live without weed, but I don't want to stop smoking because of retarded dealers (I've been smoking for about a year now). What should I do?[/quote]

    This is very common if I was taking time out of my day to go get the weed for somone I would ask for a sort of payment be that a small nug or somthing nobody works for free
  8. Find a good dealer you can stick with
  9. Oh ofcourse, I can totally understand that. But when I ALWAYS used to share and she is doing what, not even 5 minutes worth of a favour for me why should she get nearly a quater of my sack? I could totally understand if she had driven all the way to pick me up, took me to her dealer and got me my weed. That's easily worth the £4's worth.

    She has to sit in my passenger seat for 25 seconds (her dealer is around the corner, we're lazy) walk about, what, 10 foot there and back and another 25 seconds back to drop her off? Not's not worth shit.
  10. I'll let you in on a little secret. The dealer would probably sell to you, she probably has no rules about close friends buying, and this cunt is just telling you this so you continue to let her fuck you.
  11. Sounds like you need to find yourself your own connect. Don't let people skimp your weed, that's bullshit if you ask me. Tell the girl to introduce you to her dealer or you're not going to keep buying off that person. Sounds like this other guy might be your best bet. You should ask your friend "danielle" to introduce you to the person after you bought off the person a couple times. When you do meet the person ask for their phone number, then whenever you need some just tell the person you are coming without "danielle" this time.
  12. A plausable thought, but Chrissy is THAT much of a douche. I know loads of people who have tried to buy of her dealer and only get told "I can't, I'm sorry".

    I think what I'm going to do is just stop texting her about weed. Sooner or later she'll figure somethings amiss and ask why I havn't bought any.

    I'll just be frank about it and tell her I don't mind sharing when I'm not driving but I'm not having her clip some of my nugs just for 2 minutes of work a monkey could do.
  13. [quote name='"smos"']I'll let you in on a little secret. The dealer would probably sell to you, she probably has no rules about close friends buying, and this cunt is just telling you this so you continue to let her fuck you.[/quote]

    +1 she's getting high on your dime
  14. Become good friends with the dealer then buy from him. Otherwise go to a night club and ask around. I guarantee you that is the easiest way to get a connect.
  15. She's not even the dealer so I doubt she would care if you stopped calling her. You're just in a bad situation right now man shit happens, it's usually pretty tough to cut out the middle man and if she's telling you her dealer dosn't wanna sell to anyone they don't know personally you should respect that because most of my dealers are like that too.
  16. OK, first of all OP, this sucks. I hate for anyone to get into a situation like this.

    If you pay a certain amount of money for a certain amount of weed, it should weigh out. If anything Chrissy should be charging a little off the top but not taking any (making a little bit of coin) weed from the bag, that's just not cool.

    Typically, if someone is getting weed for me, I smoke that person out, and they know this is what's up. They also know I have my own scale, and only deal with dealers that know my friend (and myself, if not both) have access to a scale so don't fuck with it. Otherwise we buy from someone else.

    If this person is a good friend of yours, this is complete bullshit. If this is more like an acquaintance, then maybe you should hang out with Chrissy more and get to know them. Pretty soon she might get tired of having to run an errand to get you weed, even though it she might profit off of it.

    The reason her dealer might not want to take on new customers might be due to the fact that some dealers might only sell to a handful of people. People he or she knows would not squeal on them if pinched by the police for an offense, weed or not-weed related. The only proper way for you to get to meet her dealer is if she vouches for you. Of course you also have to talk to her about you have no problem sharing, and that IT IS VERY FUCKING SHADY FOR SOMEONE TO BE SITTING IN THEIR CAR OUTSIDE A HOUSE FOR 5-10 MINUTES. I mean if I was the dealer I wouldn't want someone sitting in a car if I had nosey neighbors or a busy street. That shit just screams shady. People should be brought into the house and hang out for a bit so it doesn't look like they're there for ONE THING and then peacing out. That's just stupid.

    Talk to your friend Chrissy, get her to understand you're down with sharing, but since you have to spend more time driving to get her, get the ganj, then drop her off, it'd be better if y'all could just smoke after ONE person goes and gets it. Again, it looks shady if someone is sitting in a car. What are you, a fucking driver? No, so if anyone in the neighborhood sees they might get suspicious.

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