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Sh*tty Dealers..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by takeiteasy420uk, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. #1 takeiteasy420uk, Mar 15, 2012
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    Okay, so I got my car repaired this month. This has some pro's and con's to buying my weed.

    When I didn't have my car I had to ring my friend up (For the sake of arguement, let's call her Chrissy). Chrissy would pick me up and drive me to her dealer because her dealer only deals to close friends. I'd give her the money in the car and she'd nip inside and get the weed. We would then go back to her house and roll a J and share it.

    But now because I have my car back I have to travel ten miles to her house, pick her up, take her to the dealers front door and all she has to do is walk about 10 yards and get the weed and get back in the car. Because I try to be responsible, I don't smoke and drive. But now because I don't smoke some with her, she's started clipping it (taking some) as a middle-man fee sort of thing.

    Am I the only one who thinks that's really unfair? They're taking a good £4's worth, for walking 10 or 20 feet and it's cost them jack shit.

    I do have a solution however, but it comes with it's own pro's and cons. My other friend (Who for the sake of arguement, we shall call Danielle) is friends with a guy who isn't a dealer, but he buys a lot of weed and doesn't mind selling some. He lives a bit futher away than Chrissy's dealer and it'd take a good 20 minutes longer to get there. He wouldn't rip me off and Danielle wouldn't ask for any in return, but the weed isn't quite as good and it's much futher to travel.

    I can easily live without weed, but I don't want to stop smoking because of retarded dealers (I've been smoking for about a year now). What should I do?
  2. stop fronting your money, get numbers.
    she'll probably start talking about how sketched out her dealer is about new customers and blah blah do it this way etc.
    or just don't smoke weed if you don't need to. If she hits you up wondering where her free herb went tell her to kick rocks you're looking for a dealer not a middle man.
  3. yeah dude shes fucked up u never takes someones smokes u should smack her or find ur own dealer
  4. Get in with Chrissys dealer?
  5. Sounds like your friend is a douchebag, and you should find a new dealer living closer to you.
  6. Try to find more people who smoke pot and find new connects.
  7. Go through the road my friend, that road made of silk. Fuck dealers
  8. ;) :d
  9. No, Chrisandria and Danielle. You tool.
  10. Get yourself a real dealer. That's the problem.

    Stop going through middle men, either they wont have the best quality/best prices, or they'll be pinching like your friend "Chrissy"

    Or just tell Chrissy straight out that you want to meet the dealer you've been going to. If you've been going to him for awhile, just tell your friend "Chrissy" to tell her dealer that you want to start meeting face to face and doing business yourself or you're going to take your business elsewhere.
  11. bend her over backwards and fuck that bitch
  12. & that's why I HATE middlemen
  13. Dude you got to put yourself out there to find a good dealer. But most dealers have criminal minds and its best to stay away from those sorts. Just ask a white guy with dreads or a hipster and they will bring you to the best weed you have ever toked.
  14. i have middle maned nugs for 5 or so years, i dont screw anyone, if anything i help more people then i profit off.
  15. Anybody I trust enough to let hold on to my money would give me any connection they know about if I needed a sack.
  16. I don't have a problem with sharing. Hell, it's better than blazing alone.

    I would find a new dealer. But out of everyone I know, I know 4. The two dealers previously mentioned. A dealer that lives directly across from Danielle and the fourth I know through an old friend.

    The one who lives across from Danielle sells shawg for triple it's value and the one I know through a friend only sells this "Lemon Thai" weed. It's fucking disgusting.

    I would just cut Chrissy out and go straight to her dealer, but Chrissy's the only one I know with her number and she's reluctant to give it to me. I would go straight to the dealers door and talk to her, but I think that'll do more harm than good, and Chrissy will more than likely put a spin on it.

  17. see but to my dealers thats not cool, they dont want new clients.
  18. THAT.

    what I don't get. Why the fuck not? I mean, fair enough if your paranoid about somebody grassing you to the cops but take me for example;

    Even if I got a terrible deal and the dealer was a dick to me, I still wouldn't grass. I've been buying from Chrissy's dealer every saturday night since november last year, so why can't I just cut the middle man? Sometimes it's not convinient for Chirssy to take me, so it'd make sense for me to meet her dealer?!
  19. Trust me OP... tell "Chrissy" that she can A) Stop taking your weed
    B) Weigh it out for you to make sure you got the amount you wanted for the money you gave her
    C) Introduce you to her dealer or fuck off

    You pay the fucking gas bill! That's like $5 each drive, and then she takes a few extra dollars for walking a lil bit?!

    I used to be friends with a dealer for months, he shorted me every time, finally told him to fuck off because I had a scale and was tired of it. He was a "middleman"... that is their job, to steal your weed and smoke it themself.
  20. around here dealers have to have good product at a fair price and excellent service. otherwise people wont come buy from them... you will find a shitty dealer occasionally but if you do just look around or ask a friend to hook you up with someone better

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