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  1. Hey grasscity/fit, I was wondering if Im going to die?

    I eat extremely healthily on the normal day, and have done so for the past year.
    For the past 5 days i have eaten SHIT, including BITCHDAY CAKE, a good 6 lbs of it, and everything else.
    so I already feel like shit obviously.

    Well I just got my card, and went to the dispensary with my mom, got HASH CARAMELS, 1.5 doses each. well I just ate 3 of them and smoked a good 5 BIG bubbler bowls of NOTHERN LIGHTS.
    Background: previous level 420 stoner, 3seshs/day/7days/week for a good year and 5 months. Then I quit for a year. Now I started smoking again 2 days ago. now were here. Im about to be very fucking stoned aren't I?

    Tl;DR pic related, healthy guy ate 10 bags of skittles am I dead?


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  2. No your just really stoned.
  3. what the fuck did you just post?
  4. ^^^^ hahahahahahahaha
  5. just noticed "full blown cheek flapper" in the tags

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