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    Got this baby about 2 months ago, forgot I had pictures of it.
    Hits very nice, feels pretty awesome in the hand, fits very well. Fits in a pocket just perfectly. The side opposite the carb has some nice marble gripping, but no design in the marbling (I'm not a fan of it).

    Paid $50 for this thing. It's VERY durable, I've dropped it a few times. I requested a piece almost identical to this to be blown custom by another guy, said it'd be about $200-250 for it. Week later found this in my local shop!

    S'named hot curl. The spiral curls up into the bowl, and my first hit on it was hot (was my first time smoking weed EVER (yes I bought a piece before I smoked!) and drew way too hard).


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  2. very nice. ive always preferred sherlocks to other bowl shapes. btw thats crazy that you went out to commision a custom piece before you even smoked. at least you started out properly though
  3. Well, I started in a WEIRD way. I went to the head shop with friends and just LOVED the glass. Glassblowing fascinates me and I absolutely love all the unique stuff that people can do.

    And yea, I started out on the right track, bought the piece about a week before I bought the bud, and then 2 weeks later bought a bubbler. I don't mess with that plastic water bottle nonsense.

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