SGW Waffle10 4.0 Mini Beaker SlowMo Rips

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  1. title pretty much says it all!

  2. Cool video!
  3. [quote name="spakky" post="19466803" timestamp="1391564188"]title pretty much says it all![/quote] Man! That sgw is amazing. I just put my reserve on a sgw waffle straight tube at my LHS, and I wish I had the extra money to have picked the waffle to ten arm. Nice video Sent from my GT-S7560M using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  4. I agree... that SGW Is amazing. Beautiful shot to.

    I've found a good trick for keeping your focus, is to place something stationary in the frame for the camera to focus on. Just put it, at the same distance as your rig (with my phone, I tap on the place I want the camera to focus) and you should hold it thru the shot. Still, awesome catching the stacking like that. I know a lot of people hate on trees, but a well-made tree... is one of my favorite percs. The SGW is niiiiiiice! :metal:
  5. yeah man i dunno what's up with the focusing issues. i always just set my phone down and let it record, i never touch it while it's recroding. i think the bubbles moving just throw the autofocus outta wack. i have some others on my youtube channel that don't do it so much
  6. I'm def going for a SGW waffle when mooniz comes in:) Amazing shot dude.
  7. Such a nice piece... I'm definitely gonna get one soon :)

    Irritated when I'm not sedated.
  8. Soooooo jealous of the waffle -> 10.... and the E. Ross is pretty beastly too. I like the work on it. You've got some sick pieces brother.
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    So would you guys definetly recommend the sgw with just the waffle? I'm looking to buy a new bong and want to know If you guys who have tried it have found any faults or a bong that is better for the price range. Is it smooth and retain flavor well?
    Very important lol: How easy is it to clean?

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  10. love it

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