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SGW waffle vs SYN tall showercap

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by hmdank903, May 7, 2012.

  1. so it's come down to this...i'm going to get one of these two pieces. i just was wondering if any of you guys could tell me the difference in hit between these two pieces and if it's worth it to spend the extra money to pick up a waffle. cheapest prices that i could find for both of these were 225 for the SYN, and 300 for the waffle. helpppp
  2. Waffle all day any day dont even think twice
  3. yup waffle, if you can find one with a disc get waffle to disc. those things kill.
  4. i realize the obvious choice is the waffle, but how does the SYN compare in quality and smoothness of hit?
  5. SYN makes a great piece and shower cap works really well, either will be a great bong but

    WAFFLE. id prefer a waffle but showercaps are nice too.

    could always get a sick slide and the SYN for less than the waffle if you arent sure you wanna drop 3 bills....
  6. I just had a fat snap out of a waffle and it was awesome. Go waffle
  7. Yea I like waffles. A little butter, powdered sugar. I'm good to go

  8. Really?
  9. can anyone tell me the difference between the hits though?
  10. .. its a bong. they are both percolated diffused bongs, similar hits. waffle will be better. Syn showercaps are a little chuggy, however they have relatively little drag compared to a typical vertical slit or showerhead downstem. like someone above said, if you want to conserve cash, get the syn, its still a great bong, but if you want the better quality diffusion get the waffle.

    However if u do get the SYN get a Hi-Si ashcatcher with a fixed stem.. if you dry pull through it while the Hi-Si is attached it'll cause a vacuum and make the water "float" inside the showercap. its really sick looking
  11. I have a waffle and a Mgw shower cap. Waffle hits nicer for sure but has a tiny little chug when ya start your pull. Shower cap has no resistance.
  12. I think I'm gonna get the 18" showercap and an ice pinch slide for 260 instead of the waffle and just spend the rest on bud. Maybe some day I'll get a waffle but since I'm unemployed at the moment id afford the bong but have nothing left for weed and that's pretty pointless. As long as I'm getting a smooth and durable bong it doesnt matter what it is.
  13. my next piece is going to be a waffle.
  14. Ordered the showercap :)

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