sgw piece + ash catcher

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    The other day I almost bought a SGW bong with a waffle perc and above it a (8 or 10 idk) tree perc handmade by someone I don't know (maybe starts with a t. The guy that may have invented the tree perc?)

    With it came a ash catcher with another (8 or 10 idk) tree perc. Also sgw.

    I decided to not buy it. At the time I new not much about the tech of bongs and since doing research, it seems like jut a sg waffle perc bong is nice. Should I have snatched this?
  2. a SGW waffle tube would have been very nice. + a sgw a/c? how much was it might I ask... ???
  3. great price... waffle to 8 arm itself is probably $400~450+

  4. Damn it, I know. I wish I would have picked it up now. That price was including tax.

    Is there a better piece out there on the market for that price?
  5. F me, that's it, and Luke Wilson was the guy.
  6. SGW waffle is very good for $300.

    Next up are the SG stemlines for $330.

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