SG Stemline vs. SGW Waffle

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  1. What is better at diffusing the stemline or the waffle? and im planning on getting a nice showerhead ashcatcher to go along with it.

    thanks for your input feel free to throw in any additional info
  2. Well, according to many, the Waffle is know to stack higher bubbles and all that.

    If I had to choose I'd go with the waffle. I like the curve in the joint as opposed to the 90 angle on the stemline. I feel that that makes the hits smoother. But I couldn't say for sure because I've never hit a stemline.

    They are both great. I'd flip a coin...Heads stemline, tails waffle.
  3. main difference between stemline and waffle is, the waffle is a more airy hit, while the stemline is more chuggy, has some volume to the smoke...

    i have the waffle i love it, i wont be getting rid of the waffle anytime soon... im pretty sure ODS, and TokinVapes have both hit each of them... i have only hit the waffle...

    but if you flip a coin you wont be disappointed, it would be a cool wayt to decide your tube also....
  4. I think you got it the other way around. The waffle is a chuggy hit, and the stemline is a more airy hit.
  5. nah i think hes right i seen it on another thread.
  6. which thread are you tlaking about?

  7. what thread?
  8. since the waffle is a bit more airy, it all depends if u want a hard ripping piece or something with a little more feel to it. by airy i mean you barely have to breathe

  9. yes i like a very airy rip
  10. then go with the waffle. I wish I had some experience with SGW so I could provide some more useful info...but I do know SGW is very nice quality. SG is obviously cream of the crop with quality. so since you like the airy hit id go with the SGW. If you wanna drop the bills for an SG, just because SG is the shit hah then go with that. Hope this helps man
  11. What's better Waffle or Showerhead/Circulator?

  12. again you cant really say somethings better. it depends how you like your hit. waffle has percs that go straight thru the waffle so its practically like hitting a straighttube, but with percolation. Circ will have a bit more drag. so its basically how you like your hit. some people like to feel a little drag so they can know their hit, while others wanna just build a massive rip with no drag
  13. People are giving out false information. The SG stemline is a more airy hit then the waffle. I own a stemline and I have hit both and I can honestly say hands down the SG is way more airy than the waffle. The SG has no resistance/chug what so ever, It's just like breathing air.

  14. i stand corrected haha
  15. [ame=]YouTube - StoneGlassWorks Waffle V Sovereignty Stemline[/ame]

    A comparison of the two.
  16. I hate that vid with the dude testing them with the vape. doesn't really show anything and might as well just dry hit the tube because thats pretty much all it is.

    stemline and the waffle are basically the same thing. only thing is the stemline isn't flat like the waffle. I have a waffle and its airy depending on the water level. They both stack bubbles and they both rip smooth. I've found to like my water level right at the surface of the waffle for the best pull. Either way you look at it you won't be disappointed with either.

    The inverted showerhead compared to the waffle has a chugging effect.

    [ame=]YouTube - sgw bubs[/ame]

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