SG or custom?

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  1. Apologies, I am aware that there are about a hundred of these threads, but I've read many of them and still need some help making a decision.
    I'm about to purchase a new tube, and I'm trying to go either waffle or stemline, and I know that if one of them has better diffusion its the stemline, but I could get my sgw waffle or dwb waffle custom made with some nice worked sections,

    so heady worked waffle or clear sg stemline?
  2. Sg mann

    Edit: Never hit one but I ordered one...But the answer is obvious they sell out 1-3 days max.
  3. the answer is not obvious by any means do you want a custom piece or a production piece, thats your question
  4. It seems as though you have gathered all the information and realize exactly what you will be getting either way. This means that the decision comes down to just you.

    What do you want? A clean, simple bong with top of the line diffusion (for a single perc bong) that has clones all over the place,


    A bong with *almost* top of the line diffusion (again for single percs) but has color and detail that will only ever be seen on your bong.

    It really isn't an easy question, but I think custom is the right choice. The diffusion is fractionally improved from waffle to stemline and I think aesthetically and sentimentally a custom bong will mean more.

    Good luck! I'm sure you'll love whatever you get!
  5. If it's the same price I would get the worked Sgw.
  6. if you were going custom you could have him grid the waffle... he will do it because ive talked to him on a few occasions about having this done. i havent hooted a stemline, but the waffle's are deffinately nice. either way you should be happy.. both are serious pieces.
  7. I think you may be confused. Sgw waffles are gridded and have been for a long long time.
  8. grossed as in mass produced?! thats a term i might be too high to comprehend at the moment

  9. Grossed = apple auto complete for gridded. Were you thinking he was talking about dwb or something? Cus Sgw always grids their stuff.
  10. the last time i talked to preston about a waffle he hadnt started gridding them yet. apparently i need to stay off the grow forums and head back to the glass for awhile, ive missed some shit.
  11. DWB or EFS for customs. It really depends on what your looking for. Personally, I wouldn't get anything custom unless it was also highly functional. Also, with customs expect at least a 1 month wait (at least for most that make customs).
  12. efs is way beyond dwb, go with efs or sg, my next piece must be a efs, so fucking clean both ways, pretty soon efs will be a huge name.
  13. yeah his tubes look so sick, I just dont like how his fixed stems look =( the wavy skinny looking thing I dont like
  14. SG all the way. Atleast that is what I will be purchasing next time I have the funds.
  15. cant wait to get mine!
  16. DWB's worked sections are horribly sloppy to saythe least
  17. yah i'm certainly leaning more towards sgw if I decide to go the custom route
  18. I'm not that picky, that fixed stem is kinda cool and it's clean.
    I don't have anything bad too say at all, yes the stem is different but its perfect, now if you had dwb...............................................
    [ame=]YouTube - EFS vs Elite glass water test[/ame]
  19. wait whats efs

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