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  1. So I've been wanting to buy myself a Sovereignty Glass King StemLine for quite a while now, but they never seem to be in stock.
    I've been looking into similar pieces from other manufacturers and was wondering if anyone has any experience with any of these pieces, or has recommendations for quality alternatives to the SG piece.
    Alternate 1: RooR Tech Fixed Toque Tube
    Alternate 2: Apix King Stemline
    Alternate 3: Your suggestions welcome!
    The RooR is slightly more expensive than the SG and the Apix is a good bit cheaper than both (although I've never heard of Apix).  The Apix looks like a direct copy of the SG, but I could be wrong.
    Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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    my lhs has, or had, a kingstem, fyi. they can prolly ship it..
    1.) sov > roor, imo. tho i havent hit that piece, i wouldnt pay more for a roor, even if it was more available. 2cents.
    2.)apix would seem like a nice alternative, gc member pokesmot247 has an apix king stemline to disc that he likes to show off, maybe he can chime in here.
    3.)have you considered efs double gridded donut? or sgw waffle v2? or pyrology sucka punch*? (*i get the pyrology models mixed up sometimes).
    oh, and welcome to gc
  3. ^yeah i love my king stem to king disk.

    Best money ever spent. Has made a lot of folks into believers of high Quality pieces that otherwise scoffed at price.

    Dan has an amazing skill level, his glass is beautiful, functional, and finally rising to the price it is actually worth imo.

    Here's mine
    Minus the gold "apix design" label he baked on for me :D

    As for function, no drag at all, literally like sucking air. I put a gram in a fat bowl and smoke the whole thing in one hit. For a person with a lung disease this is no easy feat, which is why I went with dan, as he knew right away what i needed for my specific health issue.

    Jus send him and email and see what he has, tell him what you what and how much you want to spend. He'll work with you.

  4. Thanks for the replies, I really appreciate the recommendations!  
    I'm still quite new here so it will probably take me some time to make a decision on this one :)
    One other thing though, how do people generally find these pieces for purchase... online retailer, local shops, or directly from the manufacturer?  I've checked GC and ALT but with limited success.
  5. look up function videos and read reviews on everything that catches your eye and take your time.
    and i buy from local shops,
    i like to see shit before i buy it personally.
    some companies, like apix, defi, and efs, are hard to come by in my experience, so you may have to hit them up directly
    i know other people have had success with websites. check out high priority glass, brothers with glass, or bitfreak glass. or if u got instagram check out morty at the funky monkey smoke shop. especially if your looking for sovs.

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