SG in charlotte nc

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  1. If anyone knows a shop or possibly even a personal collector looking to sell some SG in or around the charlotte area, comment below.
  2. what the hell is sg?
  3. Sovereignty Glass
  4. word... you're best bet is just to look up tobacco/head shops on google and call around and ask. You'll be hard pressed to find name brand glass being sold in a store in the Carolinas though.
  5. Ive called all the local shops cant find any.
  6. your best bet would be to hit up Myrtle Beach SC. They have some name brand shit around there. You can find some good glass in the Carolinas but if you're looking for a specific brand or blower I wouldn't get my hopes up too much 
  7. I've had the same problem.  I moved to a vape because I couldnt find decent glass.  Now I just gotta find something to fill it with!!
  8. Ik alot shops have syn bc there made in carolina but sg is gonna be hard to find your best bet is aqualab if you can order one online.
  9. You can get stemlines, glines and stuff like that online, pillars and stem8's are considerably harder and I think it's easier to find used...but a member here got a broken one and the seller is being a dick and not refunding so there are risks involved with buying used.  
    Someone mentioned liquid chrome has some sov, they'll ship to US, I've ordered stuff from them before.  It's a really great shop that I'd love to visit in person.  Google it and give em a call.
    I've seen sov at ALT and strangely enough HPG too.  I thought ALT was supposed to be exclusive online distributor.
  10. come to the beach around topsail island you and you can find some

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