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  1. What up GC, was curious if anyone knew if there was such thing as a gridline 12 arm? i know there is gridline8s and worked ones i just didnt know if 12s existed. Thanks guys.

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  2. Do you mean the stemline that's gridded or the actual gridline? Cuz they're two different things. If you mean the stemline then yeah I have seen stem/12's. But sadly no gridline/12's :(
  3. Pretty sure OP has a Stem/12 so I would assume he is talking the gridline.
  4. yes i am referring to a gridline and to clear it up, i have a stem12, they exist. and who did u say had one?
  5. I don't mean to hijack this thread, but can anyone tell me the difference between a stemline, a gridline, and a gridded stemline? Which would be the cheapest all else equal?


    Youtube is your friend lol, lots of knowledge to be learned on here, shows your looks of different percs as well as the different diffusion they produce. watch some vids and shoot a PM if still confused.


  7. OP= Original Poster.

    So I was saying you have a stem/12 so you were referring to the gridline.

  8. Yeah that's how I tried to figure it out at first but most of the vids aren't high quality enough to actually see the differences in the percs. And apparently some people on youtube are confused about what they have as well.
  9. stemlines are just the basic name for a stemless bong with a single, horizontal perc (usually still shaped in a tube-shape), can be confused with inline too.

    Many companies make them. Some use slits on the perc(usually called inline). Others grid holes into it.

    "gridded" = The holes are laid out in a grid pattern for the most effective diffusion.

    gridded stemlines have the pattern of holes on top or bottom of the perc.

    A gridline is not a stemline. It's like a downgrid stemline but it's more like an upside down waffle perc. The top half of the perc is pinched so the air goes right out the holes instead of having to fill the top half of the perc with air.

    Really... though, the first three videos I watched all were clear enough. You didn't search too hard LOL :D

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