SG gridded downstem Vs. LW 6 arm downstem

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  1. Was wondering which one people prefer more havent hit either but looking to add it on too a a medicali
  2. Do you have a beaker or straight tube? Check out the alex k showerhead downstem too, a lot of people on here recommend those.
  3. they pretty much offer the same diffusion, drag is really the only factor. Havent used the grid'd but the lw i used and its pretty sweet glass.

    I own 2 alex downstems, thats how good they work.

    Id say get the LW 6arm if i had to choose. Oh yea pick up a disc diffused slide if u dont have one, youll thank me later:D
  4. Sg gridded, Luke and Alex K are all offer great diffusion.
  5. Planning on getting a beaker ill probally go with either the LW or SG
  6. i think sg would be best for straight tube, lw or alex k for beaker
  7. I have both and enjoy both. Although I use them for totally different purposes.

    I use my 180* gridded downstem on my sg 8 arm straight tube. I really love it, it diffuses much more than an alex k (What I bought the tube with) because it doesn't take the same amount of force to pull air through it. Which results in less turbulence in the water which for me is the difference of the joint either getting wet (with the alex k) and staying dry through extended use. I almost like this tube more than my stem/8 and I got it for a lot less than my stem 8.

    The luke wilson 6 arm is used in my SYN 32mm (or maybe 38mm?) 12" tube. It's a tiny ass tube and I use a 90* dome on it and along with my new ti nail I am loving this shit. So great for oil. Which reminds me I am blasted :D .
  8. Yea i think im gonna go with LW because i dont think this headshops sellssg which is fine with me hopefull ill have some pics up of her in no more than 3 weeks!!! :hello:

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