SG 180 gridded vs. LW 6arm

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  1. I have a 14" medical straight with perc and was wondering everyones thoughts on what would be the best downstem, the SG or the LW.:confused: I'd go with an Alex K but I know it wouldn't function well with not being tilted. Thanks blades:bongin: :metal:
  2. the sg will function better when not tilted because of its gridded design on one side. the lw will function much better when tilted. I find them to be a bit too chuggy otherwise as they don't fire as well on a slant

  3. Honestly the LW functions pretty damn well when straight up...I own the LW but have hit the SG before and they're a double chamber tube though the SG is probably favorable; unless you want an 18>18, in which case go with the LW. Here's a vid of the LW I have: (HD)

    [ame=]Ph(X) 50mm Straight + LW 6 Arm - YouTube[/ame]

    Good luck!
  4. I'm still not sure on if I wanna go 18>18 or keep it 14>18 cause the one slide i have is 14 but I'm pretty sure when i get a new d/s im gonna get a dd slide as well
  5. i really love my sg diffuser also like reducer diffusers cant break off in side of ground joint but i do own both and i like the sg better

  6. The only reason I can see to get an 18>18 downstem and 18mm DD slide is if you plan on expanding your collection to stemless pieces. If this straight tube is going to be your only tube for a long time then grab the SG downstem and a 14mm BW DD slide. It makes for a really fun tube to hit.

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