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SFV OG and Blackberry

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by thewarden, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. #1 thewarden, Dec 22, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 28, 2012
    San Fernando Valley OG(first 2 pictures)

    Well to start off, this bud isn't that great. I've had friends ask to see it, only for them to ask "Is this good? It looks kinda crappy". My response is that it isn't that great, but considering it was grown about 2 years ago (vacuum sealed) and retails for $75/ounce from my friend, I can't complain. As a result, it's a little dry and smokes somewhat harsh, but it's as potent as the first time I smoked it right after it finished curing.

    Bud is pretty indica heavy, so you can more or less imagine what the high is like (think OG, but even stonier). It's got an earthy smell, but even when this stuff was fresh it didn't have a super pungent smell. Harsh taste, no real discernible flavor. I kinda wish the OG taste/smell (one of my favorites) was more prevalent. I get pretty burnt out after smoking some which is one thing I dislike about this bud. Goes well with cheesy as fuck horror movies and ice cream sandwiches at 3 am though.

    Blackberry(last 3 pictures)

    Same grower, to give you an idea of what his stuff looks like when it's fresh. Even then, the SFV OG still didn't look this good. 100% organic, too!

    This stuff runs a little under $10/g from my friend. Unsure of genetics, but I would assume hybrid, maybe a little indica dominant based on the high. Kind of sweet-tasting cheese-y smoke, if you can at all imagine that. Not a super pungent smell, surprisingly. Crazy kiefy too, like when you crack a nug in half expect a little kief pile on the table haha.

    Also, any tips for taking better pictures? I'm new to this whole camera thing

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  2. Fuckin love me some SFV bro. Enjoy.

    Why's it so old though? Someone forgot it in a closet or something? Haha

  3. haha not forgot, it just wasn't really selling. about a year ago he started doing $500/qp for this stuff (you weren't allowed to buy less than a qp) and I guess it still hasn't sold and he just wants cash/is trying to get rid of it

    I got some 6 year old willie nelson from this guy before that he literally forgot in his basement haha too, don't have pics though cause it was a couple years ago
  4. The OG has since been reduced to shake (for the stuff that hasn't been consumed) and ABV haha. Decent bud though, especially for the price. I'm getting more today, should be getting at least 3 new strains.

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