SFS - local band

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  1. These guys are the shit. I wouldn't consider myself friends with them, acquaintances rather, but I go over to their house all the time to smoke, listen to music, party, and chill. They have been hosting house shows for about a year, and I've usually always been there. They really haven't done much with trying to get gigs and such in the past. But they finally started playing here downtown and everyone loves them.

    they're called SFS (Searching for Sound) and they smoke alotta weed.

    if you like Grateful Dead, STS9, Jimi Hendrix, etc.. check these guys out. You should regardless. The tracks are live but still good quality.

    SFS Lincoln op MySpace Music â€â€œ Gratis gestreamde MP3â€â„¢s, fotoâ€â„¢s en Videoclips

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