SF Prosecutors Concerned Over Federal Pot Raid

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  1. Here everyone. Here's an example of what our wonderful government was up to today in the San Francisco Area. Glad to know that our boys were hard at work trying to heighten security around here. Looks like instead they decided to pick on the sick people who even the local government supports.


    SF Prosecutors Concerned Over Federal Pot Raid

    San Francisco prosecutors are expressing concern about a marijuana raid carried out at a cannabis club in the city today by federal drug agents.

    San Francisco District Attorney's Office spokesman Fred Gardner said he could supply only a few details, but confirmed that agents from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration apparently moved in on a Sixth Street club located between Market and Mission streets early this morning. The agents are also going after an East Bay activist, among other possible enforcement actions today, he said.

    In November, San Francisco District Attorney Terence Hallinan held a news conference in support of a Northern California doctor whose offices had been raided by DEA agents and specifically warned federal officials to stay away from a city that has for years supported physician-authorized use of medicinal marijuana.

    "Lay off our marijuana clubs,'' Hallinan said at the time.

    He said that since the passage of state Proposition 215 five years ago the city's system -- in which seriously ill patients whose doctors feel they can benefit from marijuana to reduce pain or increase appetite receive official identification cards -- is working.

    "The police live happily with our law,'' he concluded to cheers from the throngs of medicinal marijuana supporters on the steps of the Hall of Justice.

    But federal officials may take a different view of the situation. In May, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in the case of the Oakland Cannabis Buyers' Cooperative that federal anti-drug laws do not permit an exception for these types of marijuana uses.
  2. HIGH phishhead! DAMN.....another prime example of F'N Fedral stormtroopers in action! Too damn bad Calif. can't charge them with violating State law!!! FREE THE HERB!!!!

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