SEXY Stoner! hypno P.S

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by hypnogreen, Sep 27, 2010.

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    Tell me what you think.

  2. The bong looks pretty good, the thing that caught my eye though is the crystals in the background, they look awesome:smoke:
  3. nice pic, she just needs a real nice glass piece :p
  4. lol bong looks like one of those plastic ones from the 60's
  5. She's cute, looks like jail bait though...
  6. sexy yo. good sig. didnt notice the crystals in the back till someone else did. chicks and herb.. CANT beat it:smoke:
  7. yeah, she does look kinda jb-ish rofl.
    but honestly, i didnt notice the background at first either >_>
  8. damn she is fucking cute!!
  9. That 15 year old chick wasn't allowed into a real bong store to buy glass, she had to buy an plastic bong at the service station instead ;)
  10. ok i think the official questions here are is this chick an actual model, how old is she, and are there more pictures of her, not necessarily in that order.
  11. my thoughts exacly!!
  12. I cant wait til after she hits puberty.
  13. hot!

    to nit pick, the edge on her left arm kinda seems like it's a bit rough. And maybe the background could be a bit higher res?

    Maybe just put a bit of a small dark glow around her, with an inner light glow. Not entirely necessary, or maybe even desirable, but sometimes that can help make her pop out of the background.

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