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Sexy Car

Discussion in 'General' started by Smokie McBlunts, Feb 10, 2003.

  1. You think its worth gettin? Differnt paint job of course

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  2. yea sweet man
  3. you're right, color change woulndt hurt. actually it really needs a new color. otherwise, it looks great.

  4. I kinda like the color... something you don see often... the car tho, you do see often. Get it.
  5. you gotta have money to get a car ya know :p

    that'll be fuckin hard when u get a car tho.

    maybe if ur gonna paint it..make it white? or somthin I dunno might get too visibly dirty that way
  6. Why would you change the color? That paint looks good and it actually makes the car look cooler than it is. I know a few people around here with (1 white, 1 white w/red stripes) but that color kicks them both in the ass. I say get it and leave it that color.
  7. paint it black and pretend you're in that fuvking car from night-rider--you know, Kip
  8. Yeah man, that is phat... I like the rims!
  9. sweet car. i like the pain job... i'd leave it the way it is :)
  10. nice car.... if it were mine, i would get some nitros oxide in there and paint it black.... also, change the wheels.... get some sweetass rims... but dats just my idea.... it looks fine the way it is
  11. I have a cousin with a camero just like that one... Paint and all..Nice ride
  12. Does it have the V8 in it or the V6? That makes all the difference. If it has a V8, throw some headers and duals on it, that'll make it sound really good.

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