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How do u swing?

  1. Male: Hetrosexual

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  2. Male: Bisexual

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  3. Male: Homosexual

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  4. Female: Hetrosexual

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  5. Female: Bisexual

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  6. Female: Homosexual

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  7. Lesbian in male body

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  1. I'm Hetrosexual:), so what are you, no one is here to judge one, be proud of whatever you are and tell us.
  2. I voted for hetero, because you had no option for curious :D
  3. I'm a hetrosexual male.. I am also a lesbian... So now what am I called?
  4. hmm well, i'd say i'm a hetro. who likes to get it on with chicks lol!!! it may be weird but i just don't see any intrest in dating chicks. just sex. happy with a man. i don't know what do u call it?i am married and he does good lol and no i don't tramp around behind my hubs back. confused? lol

  5. Your exactly like me *LOL* they to pricy :D and Bud whats up with changing my poll dude, its not my fault that your a hermaphrodite :D
  6. YEAH whats up with changing the poll you hermaphrodite like wanna be lesbians!!!! hahaaa :D
  7. k wait r u calling me a hermaphrodite?!!!
  8. /\/\/\ LOL not you Bud Head
  9. Hahahahaha Diasey i think she was talking about
  10. i see that now lol thnx!
  11. totally fuckin straight
  12. same here
  13. Sounds to me Locus & Inferior Wang have something to hide...

  14. i'm not voting :p
  15. Straight, I tried the other road one time, and needlessy to say it was the 1st and last time.
  16. im a heterosexual but done stuff with gurls..... and no im not BIsexual!
  17. i reckon he aint voting for te same reason i am not, look for the other sexuality poll, it gives the option "fuck branding" or something like that... and i go with it, when you brand someone it makes it seem like a big deal/problem, i am me and i love who i want
  18. hetero male here, although not as hetero as id like, im having trouble finding myself a good woman, im waaaaay to picky, i try to fight it, but its been my way all my life. if only i had the cash to get me what i want :D

  19. You telling me the only way for you to get a girl is too buy 1? LMAO

  20. No, he's talking about a high maintenance dime

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