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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Digit, Jun 11, 2003.


which team to you play for?

  1. Hetro sexual

    0 vote(s)
  2. Homo sexual

    0 vote(s)
  3. Bi sexual

    0 vote(s)
  4. Tri sexual or trysexual (be sure you know what it means before you choose this)

    0 vote(s)
  5. Fuck Labels.

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  1. i\'m sure this has been done before... but i couldnt find it... so here it is again. :p
  2. well while I dont really dig labels, websters will define me as homosexual. omg, SHOCKER! and just to add, I dunno why I do this, but when I tell people or I refer to myself I say, gay, rather than lesbian. and I dont like the term carpet muncher either. as funny as it sounds and even funnier when my dog, molly literally chews on the carpet, I could do with out all the carpet ;) :D what fun this thread is!
  3. totally straight, im into older women though, not too old though
  4. I put bi-sexual even though I have never has sex with a woman. I want to though I just really haven\'t had many chances. I\'m not sure how to find a woman. I mean I went to a gay bar but there were mostly gay guys there. I don\'t know maybe I will find out someday what it is like.
  5. i dig chicks.....
  6. I am stright as an arrow..

    I wouldn\'t have any problem with a threesome or four some with women though!!!!!

    Any takers out there??
  7. i suppose others would classify me as hetro... but i really hate labels.
  8. Yeah, I hate them too. I think it\'s all about who you dig...not their gender.
  9. How do you \"fuck a label\"? Ddo they have a tiny vagina or penis. I have never seen a label\'s genitalia before.
  10. i like vaginas and bewbies :)
  11. I put straight even tho I\'ve never slept with a girl. And just to be clear, I\'ve never slept with a guy either.
  12. hetero i guess, if i have to choose...but some women turn me on anyways...i think it is the person that turns me on, not the gender :)
  13. I couldn\'t find the:
    OneHundredPercentRedBloodedAllAmericanLeanMeanTestosteroneInjectedSeethingWithVitalHormonalSecretionsMaleSexMachine\" catagory in your poll, so I just clicked on hetero.

    BTW - There\'s really SO many, it would be impossible to describe them ALL, but some of my favourite fuck labels are:

    \"I don\'t give a flying fuck\".

    \"no fucking way\".

    \"well fuck me runnin\'...\"

    \"fan fucking-tastic\".

    \"far fucking-out\".

    \"un-fucking real\".
  14. Bi-sexual all the way!!!! But for me, it\'s all about the personality and how they carry themself. But good tongue and sucking action is a definite plus in my little black book of secrets!!!!!!

  15. LMAO.

    i\'m in wang\'s boat.
    where to capn?

  16. :eek:

    oh, thats great to hear... thats all our worth to you!? we might as well be a small electrical device!

    : digit feels like women have done for decades... except digit cannot make babies :

  17. Why marry the butcher, when the meats free?
  18. \"... except digit cannot make babies : \"...

    ...Ever thought of changing the name?

    Now don\'t get me wrong - I\'m not trying to be a wise guy or anything, but I think you\'d have a helluva lot better chances of shaggin\' yourself a bird there mate, if you gave that \"digit\" monachre a little makeover. Something a touch more \"beefy\"...manly, if you get my drift? Something that SCREAMS out your lust...
    ...your yearning ...grasping ....carnal NEED.....for love.

    ....yeah dude.


    ....Got a nice ring....

  19. hehe, ...

    when i said \"digit cannot make babies\" i think i shoulda said \"digit cannot have babies\". that woulda been clearer.

    lol, \"Appendage\".
    i hope thats not you looking up the thesaurus and thinkin you coming up with another name that means the same... because thats NOT what Digit means. :p

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