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    SO you would think that it should be like

    handsome man meets sexy girl, they are both very sexually attracted to eachother, they fuck.

    But in modern day society it goes like

    Handsome man meets sexy girl, they are both very sexually attracted to eachother, then all of a sudden a game insues of sexual tension until feelings are built. Usually this game is lead by the female, because she does not want to be labeled as a 'slut' or a 'whore' by society, or by herself. So she sees to what length he'll move to get her.

    (I am generalizing about men and women but I am talking about what I experience to be the truth around me;I have been in many different places around the world and experienced different social cultures)

    I think that if two people are attracted to eachother they should cut the bullshit and do the naughty, even if they are ina relationship. yall digg.
    I pioneer this mindset every fukn day

    one love.
    Edit:When I say one love I dont mean to only love one person.... but I guess the rasta subculture reference went right over your heads.....
    One love refers to the universal love and respect expressed by all people for all people, regardless of race, creed, or color.
    Its all good. One love.
  2. i see a lot of contradiction. i don't agree with this at all, either.
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  3. Well, you might want to concider this statement while: You are in a relationship with a dropdead gorgeous girl. She meets some dude while you 2 are havign a fight over some bullshit, and she fucks him.

    How you like them apples?
    I bet you dont even know, and if u do, I think u wouldnt be stating this.
    If, even you still would then.. props to you for being unattached... but I sure as hell can not stand it.
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  4. Have you ever observed nature? This 'game' is called a mating ritual. It has its purposes such as weeding out psychos, clingers, and other various unacceptable traits. It gives you time to feel out the compatibility level of a potential lover. Its an arduous task but completely natural and has been going on for millions of years. Saying its dumb and makes no sense is just short sighted and foolish.
  5. well you have to be honest enough with your partner to let them know that you are about to do this, and if they arnt comfortable with it then its an obvious no.

    But if everyone agrees and is on the same page, i dont see why not.

  6. and im talking about sex.

    purely physical attraction, nothing more.

    Havnt we evolved enough that we can ignore the instinct to have a 'mating ritual' and just get down and fuck, I know it sounds off the wall but I make alot of sense.
    Edit: it works for me ;)
  7. So, you would have no problem if the woman you started dating had this exact same mentality? How exactly would you feel if this were done to you while you were "ina relationship" and you found out she was banging whomever she thought was hot?

    Goes both ways my friend. Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it.
  8. It's gross to hit it and quit it with just anyone who looks attractive. And insenstive if you have a significant other. But whatever floats your boat I'm not the one getting herpes :p

  9. I am in a relationship, it has been very sucessful, been together for eight years, and im only 24!

    She may not be as open minded as I am to being sexually free, but she accepts who I am and I accept who she is.

    I am not forcing her to be in a relationship with me, and i promote being single due to the avaliability aspect.

    if your not in a relationship its not 'cheating' its 'consentual sex'.

    if you are in a relationship and you tell your partner and they agree to it its not 'cheating' either.
  10. I agree man.

    People don't like accepting that we're just animals and we all want to have sex...We should just be able to walk up to each other and be like "wanna fuck?" ->> "yes", or "no, i have a boyfriend", or "I just don't want to" whatever.... If you did that today the girl would probably freak out and think you are wierd as hell...

    Also, this would only apply to casual sex and not to people in relationships (if they didn't want to). I don't see any issues with this. If someone is gonna cheat, they're gonna cheat. If they wanna be faithful, they're gonna be faithful. If two people both want the same thing, they shouldn't have to play a bullshit game and pretend like they have to do all this shit to get there...
  11. ^^ haha word man.


    Anyone else disagree or agree.
    Id love to hear some more responses....
  12. The reason these social structures exist is to identify compatibility before getting down to business. Your theory is contrived just so you can ask any girl who you find attractive to bang without negative consequences. Honestly, I think this is just an insecure way to go about it; if you can't win over a girl with anything besides pumping back and forth you probably aren't very worthy or interesting. Likewise, if a girl goes around asking guys to have sex every day with no strings attached, you can be sure I won't be interested in banging her.

    I see what you're saying but you realize this only applies to people in the age range of like 18-25 or so right?

    What would you say to anyone who asked what age this kind of attitude can start at and when it should end? Are you okay with a 45 year old milf walking up and asking to bang? Would you be okay with a 45 year old guy soliciting your 18 year old sister to bang? Where would one draw the lines between "acceptable" and "unacceptable" behavior in the sort of social system you've proposed? Can anyone ask anyone to have sex at any age? Or is it limited only to "attractive" people?

    Again, I see what you're saying, I just hope it's apparent that this would not work on the entire scale of society. You want to give everyone complete freedom to solicit sex from everyone just so you can ask the 5 or so girls you see a day that you wish you could bang?
  13. I agree with this 100%. Man that sounds like the perfect word to me:rolleyes:
  14. Darkred = Agree
    Pink = I don't.

    C'mon man, what if you were in the relationship with that chick. Then she did that shit to you man.
  15. I think it's a little more to the right than that. Don't get me wrong, what you've got is pretty right and in a perfect world would work. However, this may also factors in to the reason why...

    In most cases we do accept it. Those ppl are referred to as perverts, sickos, addicts, etc. NO ONE, And I mean NO ONE is so bold as to deny sex when presented cept that of a woman. Cause if you a straight male then you know, sex isn't something you decide on, it's a woman's right to say yes or no--when it comes to sex between a man and a woman, it will always be a woman's choice thus why it's really weird when a dude screams his girl raped him.

    Moving right along, it's not ppl, it's women. Not to say a man doesn't bullshit about it all, but at the end of the day...Pussy, not money but pussy rules the world. Cause only a woman can lead a man to the mouth of hell...and because of pussy, a man will follow.

    I know this cause i'm a straight man and i've been lead to hell's gates a few times over some pussy. Now this hell might not be a literal one, but i dare someone to say you've never, ever done something outside of your normal for some pussy cause if you a guy and you get wood when a bad bitch (no offense just generalizing) walks gone do whatever it takes to hit that. Not outta desperation but outta male egoism. Second to sex a man, guy, boy, etc loves to boast about the pussy they've gotten over time from the most attractive women that they've fucked over time.


  16. I dont agree with the bolded either. We're not animals, and having sex just because your horny is what gets people in half the shit thats wrong with society already. Not trying to be judgy, but I consider bodies sacred, call me old fashioned, idgaf...
  17. ^ I respect that.

    However I am not saying that I should have the ability to walk up to any woman, and have sex with them.

    Choice is an amazing thing, its what separates us from animals(In my other post I referenced to how we were animalistic, i did not say we were 'animals').
    You can choose to have sex with someone, and you can choose to say no.

    Year: 2010
    Location: anywhere in US

    A attractive man approaches an attractive women on the street, they both are tested 100% STD/STI Clean. He says "hey, I saw you from across the street and i couldent help but think you are very sexually attractive, would you like to have sex?" 9/10 times, the woman would say no due to some bullshit media perspective on how sex should be.

    I am saying that we emphisise too much on attaching unwanted and un needed emotions to something so instinctual.

    When Im hungry, I eat.
    When Im tired, I sleep.
    when im horney, I fuck.
    its nothing big, its like breathing too me lol.
  18. even if they r in a relationship? one love?

  19. again you guys are putting words in my mouth, did i start this post saying that pedophiles should 'solicite' 18 or five year old girls.....

    I am simply saying responsible, and clean people(not just young), should be able to fuck eachother without all the wanted tension/baggage/strings, IF THEY BOTH WANT TOO, AND BOTH CONSENTUALLY AGREE, and not trip about it.

    No also means no.
  20. just a raw answer from me

    you sir, piss me off if i met a guy like you in real life i would cripple him for spreading adultery, std's and sti's

    you dont have the right to use "one love" in your writing if thats what you believe
    but (im just assuming) you probably only said that because theres probably a girl you wanna fuck but she has a bf and your not getting anywhere because shes either a: not interested in you b: preaching how its wrong and she doesnt cheat but is thinking of you in someway and your getting annoyed. only met guys like you in highschool who give there gf an std and the girls kills themselves because they cant believe there "one true love" at the time has cheated on them and given them something too.

    you should be a swinger it would suit you better then being a cheat and having other girls cheat

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