Sexual Predators!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by Matticus, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. You know those maps of sexual predators that show one on nearly every city block? Well, a lot of them are registered for things that aren't as serious as people make them out to be. When parents see someone listed as a sexual predator, they simply assume they'll rape anything that moves and especially so if it's a child.

    I believe there should be different levels of registered offenders.

    Say a level one offender was someone that was nude or exposed themselves in public.

    I don't have many examples but you see where this is going.
  2. Level 1 or Level 99. I have no sympathy for Sexual Predators.
  3. They should really be called offenders unless they rape or expose themselves to children.

    I know someone that made a whacking-off gesture in public and had to register as a sexual offender because some bums said he was wanking in public.
  4. Any sex offenders >9000?
  5. Some are registered because they had sex with their gf and daddy got pissed.
  6. Okay..but still 95%+ are scumbag, soul lacking, pieces of shit...
  7. Exactly, cant always wait until shes 18 ;)
  8. Really? And you know this how? (OK, I understand you're making a point but....)

    I think some offenders are worthless fucks too but the definition of "sexual offender" needs to be revisited. A lot of them ARE guys (and gals) that comitted an act that may have been sexual in nature (by court standard) but were not dangerous to any one. Society tends to go overboard when "protecting" the public. For instance...... you're convicted of a drug crime, marijuana, coke, heroin, meth, etc. Does the marijuana conviction make you a hardened addict in need of rehab and condemned forever?
  9. Don't compare drug use to sexual offenses. Drug use affects ONLY you directly. Sexual offenses affect you AND whoever you are offending. There is a difference.
  10. That. Is. Such. Bullllllllllllllllllllllllll shit. :mad:
  11. NOT BS. One of the bums was an informant and was paid by the cops with a case of beer.
  12. No, I mean it's bull shit that he'd have to register as a sex offender for making a masturbation gesture.
  13. ^ hey you cant do that! ^

  14. Bullshit bro...Just because there is one or two cases here and there doesn't mean a damn thing...I do feel bad for the guy who got fucked because of a masturbation gesture but again thats a single case...
    You know how I don't get into trouble, I act like a normal member of society in public because i know how fucked up our country is.
    And comparing drugs to sexual nature is a horrible analogy..You don't have to register for shit for weed...
  15. Ever heard of the date rape drug?

  16. True True...I kinda saw OP talking about harder drugs that people are addicted to...

    Drug use does affect both users and people close to users...But as far as being arrested for drug offenses its the person who got caught who is at fault
  17. I hope some of you realize that the phrase "sexual predator" is just silly emotive language and doesn't really mean you rape women and children.
  18. The bottom line on this is that when the term 'sexual offender' broadens, more innocent people are prosecuted. Innocent meaning the teenage boy who only wanted to be with his gf, or anything else where both parties are concenting.

    The others get everything they deserve. Though when a child is involved, Im pretty sure everyone here would support the suspention of civil and human rights.

    There is a big controversy on the application of torture to supposed terrorists. This is only used to gather information, not punishment. I support the use of torture as a form of punishment for the most despicable of crimes. Even for murder I dont believe this would be neccessary.

    Now the ones who rape and murder a child...I support impalement.
  19. Yeah actually I have, but that has nothing to do with direct use. You were referring to getting caught with drugs vs getting caught with sexually abusing someone.

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