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  1. OK I'm sure we've all seen Dateline's To Catch a Predator. It gives us some sort of satisfaction when people like this are caught. Check One of the front page stories is an attorney who got caught travelling to have sex with a 5-year old! (the cop was posing as the mother) Of course we like to see people like this getting caught in the act before they can fuck up some poor kid's life. (or, in many cases, some fake kid's fake life)

    In my opinion, there is a huge problem with the way we're going about doing this. This is the modern-day equivalent of parading someone throughout town in stocks. These people are greeted with disgust, humiliation, and anger. What does this tell those who want to be rehabilitated, or are just coming to grips with their illness? "we dont want your kind." "youre a bad person" "something in your mind is broken and wrong"

    How about we nip the problem in the bud? Spend more money on education, pay more attention to child welfare cases, focus more on rehabilitation for these people rather than public punishment and ridicule. It seems like we always need some sort of "lower class" to pick on, no matter how accepting our society is. If you cant be racist, try being sexist. If you cant be sexist, pick on the working class. if you cant pick on the working class, you have to find someone else to de-humanize. How about those with fucked up sexual desires?

    Sure, if we stop making pariahs out of these people and start actually wondering what the hell is wrong and how we can stop this, we wont have as many "hilarious" child predators to laugh at on NBC. We won't have as many people to look down upon. Well fuck that, I say. Let's eliminate this problem the right way. Simply punishing these people wont take away their urges, itll only make them more secretive about it. It'll only make those who haven't been caught yet simply more paranoid about it. To Catch a Predator doesnt solve ANYTHING. We're just sitting on our asses, watching these people on TV, laughing, and doing absolutely nothing about it.
  2. I understand what you are trying to get at in this post. You are saying that these people are sick and they deserve treatment rather than punishment and in most caes I would agree with you. These people are different though. These people do the very worst possble thing any one person can do to another person(I will equate child molestaion as being worse than murder). These people do not deserve respect as they are the worst people in the world. They do deserve a second chance but the terrible thing is most of these people will resort to the same lifestyle they did beforehand. I believe we should try to rehabilitate these people but I have no pity and no respect for these people and would never trust them for anything for the rest of their lives.
  3. I forget the name of the website, but you can see all the sex offenders in your area, it can range from urinating in public to sodomizing children.

    Which brings up the guy in my town.

  4. Im real torn in this issue because idk whether or not they can be "cured"

    like how homosexuals say that it isnt a choice, and you cant ever really 'cure' a gay guy into finding women attractive

    i feel the same way with may just be what they are into, and always will be

    perhaps we need to set-up somn like AA for pedos, so instead of bein reclusive they can be open and hopefully it takes away some 'forbidden fruit' type attraction...
    if they can be open and say 'yes i am sexually attracted to young children, and i want to do somn about it'

    just because im attracted to women, doesnt mean im going to rape some chick, likewise just because some guy likes lil girls doesnt mean he is going to rape a child
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  5. They have a support group already. it's called the International Man-Boy Love association.

    If you are trying to whip up sympathy for child molesters, Why? This behavior is detrimental to society as a whole, not just the victims, but everyone who will ever have to deal with this poor person. I have seen the scarred psyches of the adult versions of the assaulted child, and I know that the scars are created by MONSTERS!

    There is no excuse for ruining the mind of a child. NONE!
  6. Whilst I believe pedophilia to be just as "natural" as homophilia or heterophilia, it does not mean that society at large should accept all natural behaviour. And seeing as sexual drive is one of the more basest instincts we have, I neither see a cure a such. As others here have mentioned.

    The only fix is to remove sexual urges, and that means one of two things, castration or hormonal treatment. Neither option is all that ideal.

    The basic premise regarding sexual conduct here in the west at least, is that it must be consentual (sp?) between two (or more :) ) individuals of sexual maturity. We've defined sexual maturity with an arbitrary age limit that varies quite significantly from country to country, but that is a minor detail.

    The problem with pedophilia is ofcourse that one cannot have proper consent from a child. The disparity of maturity and ability to make good judgements is oceans apart when comparing just about any child to any adult. As such it is only reasonable that pedophilia should be treated on par with rape and other sexual molestation in our judiciary systems.

    But some places this is taken too far. It is not that unheard of for example that a 16 y/o find themselves doing time and being marked for life for having sex with their girl/boyfriend that is a year or two younger and thus below the arbitrary age limit imposed on legal sexual conduct. Though neither might be adults in the legal sense, both in such cases do consent and do so from a comparatively equal level of maturity.
  7. No, im def not trying to get more (or any) sympathy

    im just sayin, most of the time, child molesters are looked upon as monsters and that there is something wrong with them, and i dont know if thats true
    i dont know whether there is something biologically wrong (like being attracted to a child is a type of retardation)

    if so, there isnt really anything that can be done

    but if its just an attraction, like how a gay is attracted to the same sex or how a straight person is attracted to the opposite sex, if a child molester is simply attracted to children, they do not have to become monsters. Just because they are attracted to children does not mean they will rape a child, just like how a guy being guy doesnt mean he is gonna rape another guy, or just because a guy is straight he will eventually rape a girl
    altho, i see the difference that it is ok for 2 homosexuals to be together, and a guy and a girl to get together, it isnt ok for an adult and a child

    I, in no way, sympathize for child molesters, id agree that it is more detestable than murder
    thats what i was tryin to get at, if there is a system where they can openly admit to liking children and acknowledge that it is wrong to perform sexual acts with children
    perhaps like AA meetings where they can meet and discuss their 'issue' it would hopefully stop them from becoming monsters because they have to hide how they feel and use things like the internet to meet children
  8. Hey I just had a thought, why doesn't the CATHOLIC CHURCH hold support meetings for child predators?... They have so much experience, perhaps they could trade off tips? Where to go to really take advantage of someone? Confessional? online? where do they get the real tender young-uns?

    Destroy All Monsters,Now. DAMN.
  9. i dont think the problem is something they are born with its the fact that they have power and money to do things. they want to do drugs because they are illegal and they get a kick out of it. then it gets old and move to something bigger, a prostitute, stealing.. idk. eventually a corrupt human wants to feel powerful and wants to have sex with children to get the same kick that illegal drugs used to give.

    i imagine the feeling quite like the first time smoking pot behind a garage, watching for cops and parents. i got away with something illegal and got more of a kick out of getting away than the weed high.

    its the individuals fault, dont try and blame it on society or genes. these people can make a conscious decision to fuck a kid, they managed to make a decision to be a lawyer.
  10. I bet LSD would have insanely beneficial uses for sexual predators. They really are messed up in the head and some guided acid trips could really help to re-imprint their brains. :( Why'd Tim's research get shut down!~?!?!
  11. I know this isnt quite on topic for this thread, but heres a question....

    Why does it seem less wrong for a older female to sleep with a younger male, as opposed to the other way around?

    Even on that "To Catch A Predator" show, you never see any females getting busted...or at least I havent seen one yet. Do they even try to target female predators, or is this just a thing where they go after the males?

    Or how about the male teacher who screws his 8th grade female student and seems like a complete monster for doing so....but when the hot blonde teacher screws her male high school student it seems like people are cheering for the kid. Okay, maybe not cheering...but you get my point.

    Personally, even as a 14 or 15 year old student I can tell you for a fact that I wouldnt have been scarred if my hot blonde teacher wanted to take me in the back room for some private lessons....every teenage boy thinks about that. I'm not trying to joke about this subject or anything, im just being honest here.
  12. Put yourselves in the position of someone who has been molested or sexually assaulted.

    As an adult it is a terrifying experience to go through and it scars you for life, as a child you can feel even more helpless.

    To this day there is still no conclusive evidence that says that a predator can be rehabilitated, so why take the chance of allowing another child to be put through that horrible experience?

    As far as the teacher sex thing goes, regardlesss of gender, the offender shoudl be punished to the fulles extent of the law, unfortunately in this society we still have a double standard about this which is complete bullshit.
  13. People talk about this like justice doesn't work. You're saying don't punish the offenders.They're criminals, punishing them is the right thing to do. And it works. The problem is our permissive society, and the lack of punishment that's the problem. If people don't fear the consequences, people are sick and they'll do sick things if they can get away with it. And why would the problem go away when this generation train thier little girls to dress like little whores. A little girl is not a woman, but it's foolish to act like if you dress a little girl up in tight bluejeans and make up and
    provocative clothing it's not going to have an affect on every male that looks on them, let alone the sex offenders. They're like little advertisements to sex offenders.
  14. Cause all guys over 15 want to fuck. All of them.

  15. wow I knwo this is an od post but damn. all I have to say is one thing, these sick ass peopel are preying on the worse, HELPLESS children, if your that fucked up that you haev to molest a child you needcorproal punishment. sick n twisted! Sorry but some punishmets fit the crime and some dont. Some mental issues just cant be fixed adn this is a mental issue if you feel the need to violate a helpless person. I pesonal think that a person who offends like thsi and its also prove that most will re-offend so why let em out? so they can do it again, even most with rehabilitaion re-offend.

  16. but remember that this is the only way most of them can get off and they let that override bette judgement, its a mental disease that I dont personally think can be 100% fixed. there fore there will always be an issue. lets put it this way woudl you want a pedo. living across the street from your childs school or next door? well i dont, even if they are rehabilitaed, temptations are obviosuly too much for these ppl.
  17. I say we do as the Irish did, get an island and exile em all. that will slove the problem of any temptation/rehabilitaion. adn its cheap
  18. Society is a ladder, and when someone shits it falls on the faces of those below them. Human nature I guess...
  19. Frontal lobotomy sounds like a possible solution.

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