Sexual Heeaaling Babay!

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by XxJWxX, Jun 19, 2003.

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  1. I\'m an ADDICT

    I dont need weed (all though I fucking love smoking and cant wait till my next sack) but what i\'m really addicted to is sex. So who\'s gettin laid tonight? lol. Its not so much fucking and kicking her out which is pretty low and sleezy. But I get bored hangin around a bunch of dicks all day (dicks as in guys). Being around women i\'m so much more comfortable and so much more myself. I like being with women (if they have a fucking personality which is rare to come by) but I love women I love women I fucking love women. I like the soft skin and the beautiful eyes and curve shaped bodies and oh my god I think i\'m gonna bust a nut:)

    Thank you god, for giving man this great fucking gift.

    Sooo, I think i\'ll call someone over and satisfy my addiction, hope ya\'ll find some lovin and bumpin tonight as well.

    It\'s that sexual...heeaalin baby....sexual...heeealin
  2. well you could say im addicted.. i love it probably more than anything.. i know what you mean about hanging out at a sausage fest, but i must say i have a blast with all my buddies.. we dont need chicks hanging around all the time to have a kick ass time.. sometimes chicks get a little... umm.... weird to hang out with all the time.. but yea for the most part chicks are fun to hang out with.. unless they get too drunk and obnoxious :/

    but anyway.. i dont think im getting laid tonight, but i definatly am all this weekend :)
  3. hahahaha! i could get laid tonite if i wanted! i myself like hangin out with guys. always have. i do enjoy hangin around with chicks of course. the girl thing. you know i guess it just depends on the personality rather than their sex. i just like hangin with people who have a good personality.

  4. pulled the drunken..... lets see who\'s in the cell phone mission last night......... lookin through the phone for all the chicas who would possibly be up and around at 4 am..... hey and it worked, but instead of me calling her...... They called me..... i was happy...:)
  5. I wish I was getting laid tonight. :( Poor me.
  6. i wish i was laying rmjl t\'night. poor me.

  7. I just got down n\' dirty thirty minutes ago, as I will later tonight, lol I think I found a nymphomaniac as a girlfriend, a fucking beautiful nympho with a great personality and great smile and GREAT ass.

  8. ok now is the part where you post pics :)
  9. sexah hounds

    yeah sex is addictive. But after you orgasm you really dont care about anything, and I really hate that. But you shouldnt care because you\'ve just had sex.

    Which brings up another point, reproduction is the point of life so once you complete sex you should die. Which explains that feeling.

    - over and out
  10. lol I dont feel that way after sex. Im happy and calm and feel high on pussy ya know? Plus im always ready for more in another minute or so.

    I guess you\'re talkin about jackin off? I could never cum again once I busted a nut but when its pussy and there\'s a naked gorgeous female body caressing my penis I\'m up and going and jizzing all over again in no time.

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