sexual harrasment

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  1. i just had to vent just got home from work and today at work i was well, working! and the dude i work with is cool but usually doesnt do shit so i pick up the slack since i know hes probably tired from his other job so hes just leaning back while im doing a shitload of work and hes staring at asses all day and he bust out laughing so im like whats so funny? and he says this chick has a huge ass hole in her pants on her ass.

    me being the nice guy that i am thought wow someone should tell her thats embarrasing. but before i do i checked with a few women who worked there if they would appreciate if someone told them if they were in that situation. EVERY WOMEN WHO KNOWS ME SAID HELL YEA. they would wanna know! so im like hmm... fine. i go to her office and was about to tell her then told her wait lemme write it down

    since i didnt want to say it outloud and embarress her in a room full of her co workers so i write it down give it to her went like this

    "hey not sure but i think you have a hole on the back of your pants saw it because its a big white spot and your wearing black pants didnt know if it would be appropriate to tell you or not?"

    and she said ok thank you. and im like cool your welcome. and i go back to work.

    now one of the big bosses who knows me comes out and hes lookin at me while talking to another boss. and when i finished the work i was handling at the time he tells me hey lemme holler at ya for a sec. hes a cool guy haha so i say sure and asks me if i went into the office in the back for some reason or something? and i say oh yea i did because i was looking for some chick because there was something on her pants and they told me her name is nicole or something? and he says oh you dont even KNOW her? im like no i just wanted to give her a heads up

    he tells me she was annoyed and complained to her supervisor and the night shift boss of the whole place for sexual harassment. so im just like O.O and i told him exactly what happened and he got completely serious and said oh i SEE im gonna go handle this shit dont worry bout it man. and he comes back 10 minutes later saying its taken care of.

    the dude i work with is laughing at me saying thats what nice guys get only assholes can survive these days. but when everyone heard what happened they all called her a total bitch saying even if it was a mistake she shouldnt have taken it to that level.

    and i thought "thank you" was to imply gratitude? dont just say it if your going to try to get me fired for trying to help you out. other dude i work with said EVEN IF THEIR ASS IS HANGING OUT YOU DONT SAY SHIT! you can look but dont say SHIT. he said it in spanish so it was funny as fuck but that bitch ruined my day. as soon as MY big boss got their i filled him in on what happened and the lazy dude i work with had my back. and that means alot since him and the big boss have been best friends for over 30 years haha
  2. smack a hoe. chuck norris style.

  3. I could understand if she was embarressed...

    But sexual harrassment, come on! Apparentally one can't do right for doing wrong...
  4. this is prolly the longest post i read in a while hahaha:smoke:

    fuck scandalous hoes. wtf. she just needs some dick.
  5. Ahh you're from the U.S...

    Yeah I've heard women are prude as a motherfuck up in there.

    (women, not girls :p)
  6. What an ungrateful it's people like that made me lose faith in humanity
  7. I am so confused here..

    Why on gods green earth would she claim sexual harassment?
    Is that bitch stupid?
  8. i guess im just having alot of bad luck right now because i just got surrounded by like 8 cops on the train telling me to get out so im like ughh wtf.. i step out and they make me miss my train tell me to sit down and tell me its illegal to pass through the train doors. im just like yea i know. when the train is moving. mta workers told me you cant pass through when its moving but you can when the train is stopped (which obviously it was) and they say oh well... its a new law. 75 dollar ticket and i cant pay because my paychecks run out like nothing because baby formula is like 50 bucks a pop and baby food is like 2 bucks each baby eats like 10-20 bottles a day since he eats every know what? not important point is something is fucking with me. i thought it was just my ignorance at not knowing a law was passed 4 years ago that made it completely illegal to pass through the train doors. i asked everyone around here if they knew they all said the same shit.

    yea its illegal when the trains moving. i say even when its not moving its illegal everyone is telling me thats bullshit noone ever heard of that.

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