sexual experimentation as a kid?

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  1. when i was like 7, i fingered my then girlfriend. used to touch her in class when we were watching movies and put a jumper on her lap so that no one else could see.

    when i was a bit older, i invited this girl that lived down the road over to my house. we started playin with each other in my room, she would grab my cock and give me a handjob and i used to feel her up.

    then when i was about 13 or so i got this girl on the internet to go on webcam and take all her clothes off and finger herself.

  2. I did the same with my kindergarten friend.

    And dude even if you said no homo that is still real gay.

  3. I think you got your quotes mixed up :laughing:

  4. WAIT ... huh.. explain this ^
  5. Do you sir know how many people think the idea of sexual pleasure to begin with is gross?

  6. I don't get why fingering your ass is gay. It's self-satisfaction, just like masturbation. I don't do it because it just seems uncomfortable to me, but hey, whatever excites you.
  7. i read this off somewhere, never tried it but...sounds interesting
  8. idk dude. Unless something is coming out of my ass, i feel extremely uncomfortable.

    But, im not gonna lie, taking a shit feels good unless you try to poop out a baseball lol
  9. i use to finger my ass too. I would be jacking off in the shower and stick my finger in my ass right when i was about to cum. It was amazing, and no it was not gay because im not gay. speaking of which im gunna go take a shower......;)
  10. if a dude killed your whole family would you fuck him in the ass for spite?
  11. haha when i was 13 there was this girl that always tried to get with me she had a nice body but the face was fucked up..... one day i told her i would date her if she was good in bed haha i was fingerin her and out of curiosity i put an straw in her pussy she didnt like it........

  12. a straw?!?!? HAHAHAHA

  13. the weirdest part is he had a straw on hand during this whole experience.

  14. hahaha i know man, who the hell carries around a straw in their pocket!

    i aint making fun of the kid who did it, its just down right hilarious, idk why but i just find it so damn funny

  15. haha it was in my room at the end of my bed ( where i was) and i saw it and grabbed it.
  16. ahaha, i can just picture it. "hey a straw! I know where im gunna put this bad boy!"

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