sexual experimentation as a kid?

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  1. I wanna fuck bob's face wrinkles. Now that i know he's not dead i can!!
  2. you havent came on down since '07 huh?
  3. I'm starting to =(
    I'm running out of carpet weed. It really takes a long time to separate the individual hairs from the little fragments of bud. You know, because of this damn carpet.
  4. He liked the suede couch so I put his ass outside til' I got him neutured.
    My homeboy bread bloodlines and had this bitch that would go into heat and drag her ass across the carpet..
    Some gross ass shit, his home was trash anyway tho.
  5. I used to play Doctor Doctor with my next door neighbor ha!
  6. I used to have this problem that only effects like 1 in 10000 kids, but it's like no matter what I did I just always drew dicks on everything.

    They took away all things in my life that were dick shaped. Popsicles, corn dogs, cheese puffs, bratwurst. All the good shit.

    After 10 years of counseling, I can eat the foods now, and the desire to draw dicks on everything has somewhat subsided.

    Ok I still have a few notepads in a safe.

    But just a few.
  7. Haha reminds me of superbad lol

    I remember that vainy ballsack like it was yesterday.

  8. Where's a barfing smilie when you need it?
  9. Hm... I always wondered, who draws dicks on back of public toilet doors... Now I know who...
  10. no actualy if you do it when you will cum it will feel sooooo good proven fact the male g spot is in the ass.

  11. I refuse to believe you didn't just copy a hilarious tale from Superbad. You suck balls.

    In reference to the thread, I was about 8 when I was watching this cartoon that was obviously meant for adults and touched myself. I was surprised at the outcome and haven't looked back.
  12. I totally plagiarized at least half that. Good eye miss. Good eye....

  13. [​IMG]
  14. me n my next door neighbor used to play doctor too
    got my first bone at 9 while we were playin totally got a hand job that day
    :smoke:if only i had a blunt (if only i knew what weed was at the time):smoke:
  15. My pit does the same exact thing~!
  16. i don't fucking care where the G Spot is if it's in my ass, ain't nothin' happenin' with that shit.

    lol, sorry for the lash-out.
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    When I was 8 I was sleeping over at my babysitters house because my parents were out of state. I caught her talking dirty to her boyfriend on the phone and asked what some of the words she was saying meant and she started telling me. When I asked her what the word cunt meant she told me but I didn't quite understand so she showed me her's. I couldn't believe it had hole because I couldn't see it so she let me put my finger in to verify it did indeed have a hole. Needless to say I missed that babysitter when I moved to different state.
  18. In 3rd grade I would go over to my friend's house and we'd play with our boners together. We'd stick it in shit and masturbate each other. This was before anything squirted but we still did some crazy shit.
  19. When I was about 5 years old, my 8 year old neighbor showed me her "private parts" behind some hedges. I showed her my 5 year old junk, but I couldn't button my pants back up and my mom found me like that. She was pissed.
  20. No, through middle school and shit I was always that guy with a ton of girls that were friends, but not many girlfriends. My first time was when I was a freshman in high school with this crazy-ass fetishist/sadomasochist who was a senior like four years older than me.

    Not as enjoyable as I had once assumed.

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