sexual experimentation as a kid?

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  1. Lmao @ Tee 8..

    "Big round of applause goes to Nathan from Wisconsin"

    Nathan, have a look at your new car!!!!!

    Why did bob barker have to die? =..(
  3. What is...old as fuck?

    aww thats alex trebek

    pretty sure bobs still alive anyway..
  4. Bob from the price is right? He's as dead as a stop sign.
  5. dead as a stop sign?

    preeeety damn sure dudes still alive...
  6. He's retired not dead.
  7. My bad. For all i know he coulda died. I swear i heard this from sources. Hm multiple DUMBASSES lol
  8. "Robert William Barker
    December 12, 1923 (1923-12-12) (age 86)"

    aha.. from your own source playa
  9. Yeah those fuckers from wikipedia were playing games on me man.
    I saw 1956-2007 and was like, yeah that bitch died. But then i was like born in 1956?
    He looks like that wrinkly ass dog...
  10. I'm sure every time Barker see's Drew Carey hosting his show he comes a little bit closer to eating a bullet.

    So just wait a little bit longer and The Botanist will be right.

    Dead as a stop sign.
  11. I didn't know Drew Carey was hosting the Price is Right...
    I thought some puppeteer was still moving Bob Barker's corpse around on strings.
  12. yeah come on man don't make shit up.

    He;s alive as a motherfucker. I'm pretty sure he's peeing in your mom's ass right now''

    Anyway, I first masturbated for the first time at ten, but I didn't know the standard motion so I would lay on my stomach and rub my boner on stuff, which wasn't a problem for the first year and a half, till cum started trickling out.

    And damn does anyone remember the first time they discovered masturbating? Shit was fucking crazy.
  13. i was a masturbation prodigy then, cause the shit came natural.. was never layin on my stomach rubbin my dick on shit hahah
  14. My girlfriend's pitbull did that before we got him neutured.

  15. Sig worthy.
  16. Doesn't EVERYBODY play "DR."???:D:p:smoking:
  17. I was 8 or 9 when i started. I got home from the pool and jerked my little weenis.
  18. haha must be a pit thing.. my pit does the same shit.. hell lay on his stomach and drag himself forward with his back legs just draggin behind him hahaha.. i get some laughs, but i see it as atleast he aint doin that rubbin his ass all over the carpet shit.
    watchin price is right..

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