sexual experimentation as a kid?

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  1. i know i did some stuff. anyone else here? and what?
  2. all of sex is experimentation really. How would you know what you liked if you didn't experiment?
  3. Fixed
  4. when I was 9 I seduced and married a wealthy 97 year old widow.

    6 months later I shot her and made it look like a heart attack. been smoking on her dime ever since.:smoking:
  5. I did lots of experimentation on myself...mostly masturbating to the scrambled playboy channel. :laughing:
  6. when i was like 10 me and a girl took turns i touched her hoo-ha and she grabbed my weiner
  7. I use to finger my ass no homo

  8. LMFAO!
    You cant say NO HOMO after clearly partaking in something border-line homosexual. ;)
  9. "no homo" what are in 7th grade?
  10. taking it in the ass doesnt make you gay. Liking men makes you gay. There is a difference. Some VERY straight men like to have a finger in the ass when they cum, increases the pleasure. That doesnt make them gay.

  11. I know this, hence the reference in my previous post "border-line gay"..
    He obviously feels ashamed by it to have to write "no homo" after the fact.
  12. fingering yourself in the ass to get more pleasure....thats fucking gross
  13. I made out, touched and fondled this nice puerto rican girl when I was in 4th grade. Our moms partied together and left us in the care of her older sister, who did not give a damn about us. awww yeah ;)
  14. To each his own. Something you may consider nice may be 'gross' to others.
  15. i think smoking weed is nice :)
  16. either that or hes Cam'ron..

    oh yea.. and it was always my goal to play with some titties.. and i accomplished it pretty young.
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    This is gonna sound super fucked up but before I figured out how to jack off I fingured my ass because girls in porn seemed to like it. I think I was like 11.

  18. Girls in porn seem to like deep throating cock and goin balls deep in theyre ass..

    how old until you experimented with that?
  19. About 12^.

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