Sexual Energy, Bio-Electricity, Or Kundalini

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    I am going to describe Kundalini, what may be called sexual energy, or what is perhaps most accurately called bio-electricity. This is very sexual in its nature, but I am going to to try to describe this energy and how it can be cultivated with some detail. I am going to stick with the masculine perspective, since this is what I have direct experience with. There is a flow of energy that cycles through the body, or through the spine, and this is a common eastern teaching. However, this also flows through the penis. You want the energy to flow up, and this means through the penis and then upwards through the body. The specific energy I am talking about is really like electricity, which is why I say bio-electricity may be the most accurate name for it.

    Now the penis is like an electrical rod, which transceives electrical energy that is generated through its being stimulated. Sexual pleasure should be seen as energy, then, like electricity, and the penis is designed to harness this energy. An increase in sexual pleasure is really an increase in this energy. Ideally, you want this to be as high as possible, but you have to be prepared to handle it. If this energy is raised to a higher level than you are prepared to handle, it is as if an electrical appliance is over-charged. With the appliance, it will 'blow out,' which is an appropriate and humorous phrasing, as when this happens with the penis, you will ejeculate.

    Now you can harmonize the flow of energy with the breath when this sexual energy, bio-electricity, or kundalini is activated. This has many benefits. It helps spread the energy, or pleasure, throughout your body. It also helps you to raise consciousness, either temporarily during the sexual act or potentially sustained beyond it. It also helps you to control ejeculation. Now I'm going to describe 'viewpoints' I have found to be helpful, in terms of how to cycle the energy and breath. I have found it useful to imagine a spinning ball that directs the energy flow which lies in the area 'behind' the penis/balls in line with the spine. As you breathe out, the energy flows down the body, but rather than focusing on that I try to imagine that as the energy goes down it does so in the front of my body, causing this ball to spin and re-direct the energy up my body on the other side. As this all occurs, the energy basically pools in that location, is charged up, and prepares/begins its movement up the body. As you breathe in, the energy is funneled upwards.

    If you are able to cultivate this energy well, and do this breathing correctly, you will literally begin to feel the 'sexual pleasure' in your body. This will confirm that what you feel during sexual actions isn't 'just sexual pleasure,' but is truly an energy-form that is not solely in the penis, though that is the area most sensitive to the energy. It is best to be without thought during all of this, and even more important that you do not feel pressure to ejeculate. Enjoy the pleasure in the moment. Some say not to ejeculate, but ejeculation is optional. It is useful not to ejeculate every time you do something sexual, as this helps to break our psychological tendency to associate sexual stimulation with ejeculation.

    If you get deeply into this, you may feel yourself enter into a sort of head-space, with a certain loss of ego, and even more increased pleasure. This is a geniuine increase to your level of consciousness. There is another sensation that you may experience, but in my experience this is USUALLY(not always) associated with ejeculation. It is, in a way, like you and the external reality become one. You can feel energy flowing in and out of you, as one energy-field. In another way, it is as if you become hardened and motionless like a statue, or as one part of a still-picture. At its most intense it will literally be as if you are in your own head-space, no longer in your local physical reality. So this is my description of this very important energy, as well as techniques for cultivating it and using it to raise consciousness. Hope you enjoyed. :)
  2. Tantric?
  3. i attained this only a few times in my life. a couple of the times was with 'jackpot no hands'. its like a 37 minutes long.

    You have to be in a completely stress free environment with an open mind. laying down on your bed with a blindfold or pillow over your eyes in a dark room with headphones on is the best way imo.
  4. Yup, this would also be associated with Tantra.

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