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Sexual content!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Oct 18, 2002.

  1. I think this is a little far to come for some ass butt head ;)
  2. Fly your ass down here and i'll fly it back when i'm done!
  3. That might work, but alas I have no job which means no money. Oh yeah, and my parens would probably wonder where I went.
  4. No No No not you just your piece of ass! LMAo

  5. Sorry Bud Head..........I've been at church for awhile!!!! LOL. I've just been preoccupied in the back pew. Sorry for neglecting you and your needs. I'll just have to do better than that.

  6. But what if I need it?
  7. I'll send it back! Maybe!
  8. Yeah right, i'm not falling for that. It's all or nothing baby ;)
  9. glad l stayed out of this thread .[​IMG]
  10. Even stoners can tell when troubles are blooming..LOL

    I can still lick the best of them!!!!!

  11. with critter....but not like literally with critter, but rather in the ideal that i stayed out of this one, and im glad for it, im "with" critter....ah fuck it, you guys know what im talkin about....

    oh, and 420girlie....askin a guy to get a fuck on in his problem...its a definate yes, and you wouldnt be a ho, since you put that much thought and effort into it all...


    Ps-i think i just got involved with this thread.....dammit
  12. This thread is open again for discussion..

    Anyone have any advice on the subject???
  13. Couldn't resist could ya, critter?

    It finally occured to me - BH thinks of himself as a male lesssbian!!! Are you THAT good, BH?

  14. They call me...........................


  15. Rotflmao..... I was trying so hard to stay out of this thread, but this put me over the top BH!! :D

  16. made me spit my soda all over my self...i needed a good laugh :D
  17. ******Lick-Alot-O-Puss******

    Now that is a name I'm proud of!!!!!!

    If you can't beat'em.............................Just lick'em!!!

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