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Sexual content!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Oct 18, 2002.

  1. Not the misshapen tantrums.

    I've had those before.......That fucking sucks!!!!!!
  2. ungulating spine.......whipppeee!!
  3. Ummmmmmm,,,,,Hmmmmmmm,,,,,,Ummmmmmmmm,,,,,,Hmmmmmm,

    <scratches his head, turns, and walks out to the next topic>
  4. dunno about gay bunnies, but we have two gay hedgehogs. lesbians, actually, they're kind of dykes i suppose. One of them is budha, i swear a natural stoner, and the other is a natural tweaker. or maybe i've just never found their stashes. i'm picturing these 1/8" long blunts... with lesbians, they'd serve a double purpose too... fuck clinton and his cigars, i've got hedgehog blunt dildos!

    the sad thing is is i'm not even stoned. i just feel like it after reading these boards for a bit.

    crimson king
  5. eating seeds is a past time activity.
  6. You mean like pot corn ?
  7. If that would work, i'd be eating pot corn forever and always!
  8. Lick my butt.
  9. OK but don't tell no body!
  10. Licking butts.........thats sounds like a situation that should be taken to church!!!!!! LOL.
  11. Flowerchild

    I'm at church. where the hell are you?? We atre supposed to 69 thyen96. What s. the deal?

  12. Deal ;)

    That's my new saying of the week. I have been telling everyone to lick my butt. It's the perfect comeback for anything ;)
  13. If you are going to ask everybody to lick your but, at least let me be the first and get it out of the way!
  14. BTW I fuck what i lick!
  15. If that's the case you'll have to lick my snatch then because I don't like large objects in my butt (unlike Norm) ;)
  16. Alrighty then. When do i start?
  17. Ready when you are ;)

    p.s. Do you think (being a senior in high school) if I asked you if you wanted to get a little fuck on at lunch in your car you would think I was a ho?
  18. Hell no I wouldn't think you was a ho..........Remember I'm still desperate for a fuck!
  19. I have seriously been thinking about asking this kid that for like a week now.
  20. DAMN I thought I was going to get lucky!

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