sexual arousal causing nausea?

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    Because this is my favorite sub-forum (and also because I don't know where else to post this), I'd figure I'd air out my dirty laundry and see if anyone can give me some advice.

    Last year during Spring Break, I took a 6 hour trip up the coast in the worst storm I've ever seen, just to be with my high school sweetheart for one night. This kid was my first love and pretty much my first everything. When I arrived in Berkeley I was ecstatic and couldn't wait to spend the evening with him. He made us dinner and we smoked bowls and "watched" No Country for Old Men. Whatever, none of that is important. We started to get pretty frisky and I was giving him head and we moved to the bedroom. As soon as he tossed me on the bed, I felt this overwhelming wave of nausea and threw up right there on his bed. I was mortified, but he didn't make me feel guilty about it (I've known him since we were 11). We tried again back on the couch, and I had to get up in the middle of doggystyle and run to the bathroom to throw up again. After I left I chalked it all up to food poisoning from the crazy Vegan dinner he made us.

    Fast forward to Saturday night. I am hanging out with this new guy that I am extremely attracted to, and as we're laying there on his bed just barely touching, I feel that wave of nausea again. I get up, walk briskly to the restroom, but nothing happens. I just look in the mirror and see how flushed my face is and I'm sweating a bit.

    I haven't been eating much lately, and have lost 20 pounds in the last 4 months. I am constantly feeling sick to my stomach because there is nothing in there, but I can't force myself to eat. It's a vicious cycle, if I eat I barf, if I don't eat, I barf up bile.

    So my question to y'all is, do you think that being really turned on is making sick, like an anxiety thing? Or is it because I'm just too weak from not getting proper nutrition? I haven't been intimate with my new guy yet, and I don't want what happened in Berkeley to happen again with him. And before you tell me to go see a doctor, I don't have health insurance/money.

  2. damn girl it sounds like this could either be something serious or a mix of anxiety and poor nutrition.

    you gotta eat and give your body what it needs, i know for me when i dont drink enough water i can really feel lethargic and like the life has been sucked out of me. when i havent eaten i can get incredibly irritable and cranky, think the hulk... thats what i feel like on the inside lol. i was going to say that it could of been your gut telling you what youre about to do is a bad idea with your ex... but it is happening with your new dude too.

    if its sexual arousal that you think is causing it, maybe try arousing yourself and seeing what happens. if you play with yourself and nothing happens then maybe it is something else. if it keeps happening though id just play it safe and schedule a doctors appointment and see what they say, it wont cost much at all to just get checked out. get better soon :D
  3. It sounds like it could be mal-nutrition and that the situation with boys could be aggravating the problem. If it only happened while fucking I would say its probably your nerves.
    Do you ever feel light headed or dizzy?
  4. I don't have a single guilty/bad thought in my head about my ex. He's an amazing guy and any girl would be lucky to fuck him! So it couldn't have been that. It also wasn't our first time being together.

    It doesn't happen when I play with myself, but when I think about another person I start to feel sick. I want to keep thinking about it, it's not like I'm repulsed or anything, it's just a physical reaction.

    Yes I feel that way a lot of the time when I move too quickly or something similar. And two nights ago I wasn't having sex, I was cuddling with him watching a movie so it happened then and when I'm home alone.
  5. maybe its an inner ear thing...i know people who have problems with that and they get dizzy for no you get car/motion sickness?
  6. You might have a tape worm. I'm completely serious.
  7. Well first off, do you have an eating disorder? ie. anorexia nervosa, bulemia nervosa..etc?

    This is odd, almost reminds me of Stanley Kubrik's: A clockworck orange...
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    Well I can say that no, it is not from sexual arousal and unless you've had experiences in the past where your anxiety is so great that you throw up, that is not true. It is your nutrition choices (and not the vegan meal, btw. Often vegan meals have nothing that /can/ make you sick).

    If you are having issues with eating make sure you start eating very easy things (like crackers, plain pasta, cooked vegetables, raw fruit, uncooked beans) to get your stomach back on track. Generally when you put so much artificial food in your stomach (which is pretty much all anyone sells), your stomach starts getting off balance and does funky things like this to stop you from eating what you are eating. Also, be sure you get rehydrated too, that is probably part of the problem. It sounds weird but, besides weed, water is the all powerful medicine. You should be drinking about 10 8-ounce glasses of water (not soda or coffee, or ANYTHING with caffeine) but water. Bam, little nutrition lesson for you.
  9. i second this, miss bunny speaks truth. :D
  10. I've experienced this too! My psychiatrist thinks it's anxiety related, which makes sense because the symptoms are anxiety symptoms (nausea, sweaty palms, and flushed skin) and anxiety is generally a very difficult emotion to understand. I'm not shy about sex, I've had my fair share of experiences, and certain times when I'm super aroused, I get this awful wave of nausea and have to run to the toilet to throw up. I don't feel anxious or anything, but then all of a sudden: blegh. It's terribly inconvenient and embarrassing, but you're definitely not alone!

    I'd recommend seeing a psychiatrist or counselor to talk through your issue. Sometimes even just recognizing that it's an anxiety problem can cure the symptoms, but again anxiety is a really difficult emotion to understand. Psychologists have been trying for ages. Talk therapy (cognitive behavioral) has been incredibly beneficial in treating and curing anxiety disorders. Good luck!
  11. @[member="sundaysmile"] and @[member="gypsiesoul"] -- it's not malnutrition and it's not anxiety. It's a physiological condition related to the body's response to oxytocin. It happens to me all the time; I also have a condition called DMER-- dysphoric milk ejection reflex, which causes an intense wave of negative emotion and nausea at the moment of milk ejection when breastfeeding, due to the massive amounts of oxytocin released during that 90-second period. It is NOT related to life experiences, attitudes, or anxiety disorders. It is strictly a hormonal issue. Many women with DMER also experience nausea during other times of oxytocin release, but usually don't experience the negative emotions because other events that cause oxytocin to be triggered, don't cause as MUCH of the hormone. I experience nausea whenever I feel bonded to my partner during any kind of skin to skin contact. But I get an overwhelming wave of nausea when I am both aroused and feeling emotionally connected to my partner. Most scientists believe that it is caused by an inappropriate drop in dopamine caused by the release of oxytocin. This is a fairly new area of study because prior to 2008, it was assumed that these feelings were psychological in nature. 
  12. sounds to me like a mind-body issue
    some emotion is coming up that is manifesting itself as nausea because your not giving yourself the chance to experience that emotion
    the more you suppress it (for example, not wanting the same occurrence that happened in Berkeley to come up again) the more it'll likely strengthen it
  13. do u watch porn? sorry but i want to dig deeper...if you find it hot whatever kind do you still get nauseated?
  14. It sounds like u have a sour stomach
  15. Make an appointment with your doctor.  You need to be checked out.  
  16. I am having identical symptoms. My boyfriend can’t touch me without me getting nauseous. And I don’t think it’s psychological because I am soooo into it. We only started having this problem 6 months ago and so far all the doctors have been able to do is put me on anti nausea meds which only stop it a little. If I take a SHIT TON of medicine then we can have sex but not for too long or I’ll throw up and it’s not exactly pleasant for me because I’m half enjoying myself and half focusing on my breathing and staring at one spot on the wall so I can actually finish without throwing up. Its the most frustrating thing in the world and if anyone from here or even the OP has answers now since this was so many years ago. I’m at a complete loss
  17. literally only made an account on this forum just to say i am experiencing the exact same thing as well. down to the whole having a hard time eating because i can’t always keep it down thing that OP was mentioning. thinking about sex and looking at porn is totally and completely fine for me, but when i talk about it with the girl i am active with right now, i often have to keep myself from puking, if not puke. it’s so annoying and i wish i could just be horny the way normal people are lmao. i have some anxiety issues, so it could be correlated. but this seriously wasn’t an issue until i first started being active with her over text, which spurred some stomach issues i almost wanna say? like, the first night we talked about sexual activities, i puked out of arousal. and then i had trouble keeping anything down for the next months. it was terrible. i feel fine until i’m in the moment, and the nausea is blinding. the fact that it’s not just me is comforting alone, but if op or anyone else has a solution, please let me know!

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