Sexual Affects of Marijuana

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  1. K - i'm a sex addict, but have been experimenting since i was 9. i didn't start smoking until i was almost 19, and didn't loose my virginity until one of those times ;P. christian household, tried to wait, blah blah all that bullshit. now i live with my gf and wonder if my pot lovin makes me want other kinds of lovin. i know my problems are caused primarily by something in my past, but am just curious how pot might be affecting me in the area.

    also, anyone done some regressive hypnotism or something of the like to find out what happened to you as a kid? i also have some dependency and emotional issues that often indicated being sexually abused when you're young. i've been addicted to porn since i was 10, being heavily addicted at 13. i have unwanted and intrusive sexual thoughts. my whole problem might just be because of the taboo placed on it in my family, but who knows.

    my sexual obsession started before the porn at age 10, which is why i don't simply blame it on that.

    by 11 i had stolen porn videos from stores and masterbated every shower. i didn't hit puberty until after i was 13, so no i didn't get off. this led to anal play. now, a year and a half into living with my gf i am starting to want some of that more often but don't know how i would introduce that to her. throughout my obsessive highschool masterbation, anal play wasn't a regular part, but every once in a while.

    i'm being open so i really don't care what you think of me. i'm not gay and have no problem with gay people really, except that the thought of touching another guy like that really grosses me out. i nkow that the anal stuff and sexual emotional issues might mean im supressing a more complicated issue like that, but i really just don't think so lol. yes, i've considered it and don't think i could ever even bring myself to experiment with a guy. i did wanna be a girl when i was 8, but i think i remember that was mostly just cause i wanted to see some pussy. lol maybe alot of this is normal and i'm just too horny for my gf.
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    What exactly are you asking us about medical marijuana?
  3. Foolsrushin, first off I don't think this was anything to do with marijuana.

    However, I went through the whole early-teen masturbation thing. I felt like I opened up a new world when I figured out...Anyways, I belive that if it iches, stratch it. So whatever floats your boat, tickles your pickle, etc. You shouldn't feel ashamed for anything your body is telling you to do. I think people need to have more sex overall, and lose the obsession of virginity.

    Think about it like this, if you lived 100 years ago nearly anywhere on earth, you could find a prostitute just about anywhere and everywhere to sate your sexual appetite. Because of the stigma against promiscuity, males especially are forced to deny their natural feelings.
  4. Whats wrong with beatin it and what I know about weed is that for women it increases their sex drive and decreases it for men. (more pleasure for women and longer sex for guys) I feel that ganja makes sex better just like everything else.

    Blaze on~:smoke:
  5. You are one weird person, my friend. I watch porn every now and hten but I don't think I'm "addicted"
  6. I am with him on the addicted to porn, i have 100 gigs on my computer and jack off at least 1 to 3 times a day, lol. The whole anal thing never did it for me but like said before if you want to do it then do it. I have no idea how to help you tell your gf but maybe just start by asking do you want to try anything new with sex and bring it up. I know i would have a hard time bringing something like that up but then again i have never had a gf just random fooling around.

    in the end be happy you have a penis and know how to use it i guess.
  7. unwanted and intrusive sexual thoughts?? thats beacause u r a boy... i go with the rest of people here, whatever floats your boat go for it

    Some guys wank 3 times a day, some once a week, it dont matter. I'm a 1 a day man myself :hello:
  8. "Holy fuck, boys, j-rocs beatin the goalie!"
  9. I don't know much about it but there are people out there who are literally addicted to sex. Its a complusive behavior for them, trying typing in sex addiction in google and see what you come up with. I'd do some research, try to find out more about why you are the way you are and go from there.
  10. that's how i arrived at where im at. it started with me wanting alot of sex from my gf, and i knew the issue was on my end since we were having it every day and i would get pissy and not even talk to her if we weren't gonna have sex one night. i still do. like you said, "if it itches, scratch it", and it itches when she's around.

    i'm not talking like i'm the average guy and i get horny when stimulated by thoughts or whatever. it's a compulsive behavior. i used to do it alot and in risky places before i started getting real sex, regardless of what i'd loose or how much trouble i'd be in if i got caught. i'll masterbate whether i'm horny or not and just because i feel like it.

    being a non-baller, i don't have the money to pay for a psychiatrist. simple as that lol. my dad was a minister and i am in no way interested in seeking help from religious "professionals".

    in researching on google i also found one site that gave some explenation to a guy's sexual performance spikes. they said pot affects your sexual ability well in the beginning and then drops off. i think it was bs considering he had trouble getting it up at all anymore, but it could affect us in other ways i'm sure. one thing i've learned in researching this is that sexuality is very complicated, whether it's your preference or just the level of dirtyness you want.

    it was hard enough bringing up anal sex with my gf, and she did the whole "only if i can stick something that big up yours" thing. she'd think im a freak or somethin if it's not presented right...

    for the guy that said i'm wierd or gross or whatever, just an FYI - the hole of the rectum has more nerve endings than any other place on your body, and the male G-spot is also located up there. if it weren't such a social taboo, every guy you know would enjoy it at least occassionally ...for sure lol. sometimes there are reasons it is gross though, and for that, i do no recomend being gay. you think your gf has a lil odor sometime? jesus.
  11. I think everyone has sexual fantasies or things they'd like to try. Try to get her to open up and make suggestions for the two of you. Buy her a kama sutra book (I did that for my girlfriend and we've been having fun with that, sex was always amazing with her, but it's getting even better). If you can get her outside of her comfort zone it should be easier to step outside of yourse. Maybe try watching porn with her, and suggest you two act something out (i.e. something along the lines of what you are looking for). My girlfriend is quite concervative at heart, and although we've never had anal sex, we've definetly explored far past the traditional missionary. Sex is more exciting when you change things up. I'd try introducing her to something new, and take it slow and progressively. If she enjoys sex, she should welcome a little exploration.
  12. Whatever floats your boat. If you think its interrupting your life, and your unhappy with always feeling that need to..whatever, you should get some help. Whether its self help, ya know..reading up, researching, thinking..working through it out on your own, or if you don't think you can, seek professional help. Do some research on the mental health profession. I'm not sure, insurance may cover some of the costs, and you don't need to see a psychiatrist. You can look for a counsler (well qualified one obviously) or a psychologist.

  13. Besides telling them to think about it a lot? Um no? its been scientifically documented that most times that hypnotist encourges specific 'memories' that never actually happened or are very horribly inaccurate.

    Lots of people believe in this, buts lots of people are idiots and aren't capable of critical and logical thinking. If you want, I will link you the studies, ect.
  14. Dude, I have no idea how I can help or begin to offer answers. I am sure somethin' is fucked up in your past; everyone has skeletons. If you feel you need help by all means go for it. I have been in therapy for abuse, bulimia nervosa, etc. and I can't begin to explain how helpful it is.

    But as for weed and sex ... all I can tell you is that weed makes me horny as hell. I would not want to be a chick around me when I am stoned because I have been voted number one dude to wake up next to (I know how it feels to be that fuckin' horny ... haha, I feel ya).
  15. I'm not sure what connection you're trying to make with herb but when I'm stoned I'm twice as horny and able to keep a hard on longer. I guess if you were a sex addict already pot would make it worse.

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