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Select an option that best represents your opinion on sexism.

  1. Men are all shovanistic pigs, they all deserve a good kick in the goolies!

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  2. Men are still too sexist as proven by their continued dominance in the workplace

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  3. Women should be allowed to be sexist to men to make up for all the years men supressed women.

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  4. Equality can never be achieved due to the differances in men and women.

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  5. We have equality... there may be a few people who still don't get it... but...we are getting the

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  6. Society now allows women to be sexist agains men, but men arent allowed to be sexist against women,

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  7. Women have two places in society and they are both in the home (kitchen and Bedroom)

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  1. I'm really interested to see peoples opinions on this. to me it seems obvious that the pendulum has started to swing too far in the other dirrection in some places now.
  2. Well i'm afraid to answer this one..

    But you know me..

    I feel that women just as men have their place on earth..

    I don't agree with the bare foot and pregnant or in the kitchen and bed thing either..

    Being in the construction buisness I have seen women who can't do the job. I don't care for having to do more when the woman does less and gets paid the same..

    I do feel that a man in some cases should not have some of the jobs they have!!!!

    I guess I have every one wondering what the hell i'm talking about now!LOL
  3. damn.. i kinda wish i'd put an option for true individualism, gender irrelevant.
  4. i agree with BH on this one... i'd like to say the world is getting closer to equality, but we're still a ways off. but hey... at least we're making progress. can't just expect things to happen over night :)
  5. I don't think that anyone should be discriminated against according to gender or race. Sexism is discrimination against gender.

    I think that things should be based on individuals. I don't think that women should get more perks simply for being women. I watch women at work climb the corporate ladder and they get cut more slack because they have children and such and I don't think it's fair.

    Women do get away with so much too. Women can be sexist towards a man but let that man be sexist towards a woman and he may very well lose his job. Very rarely does a woman lose her job for being sexist. Not fair.

    I think there are certain things that many women shouldn't do. I worry that a woman may become President one day. I know from personal experience all about hormones and how moods change with the snap of a finger. That concerns me. Women are different than men. Obviously.

    In the end though, things should be based on individuality. If a woman can prove that she is worthy of a promotion with equal or more pay than a man, then more power to her but she shouldn't be given that simply to fill a quota needed for a company.

    I'm a very strong woman...physically, emotionally and mentally...but sometimes I don't see so much wrong with a woman who has children staying at home raising them. The whole June Cleaver thing isn't so bad. I'd rather see them at home than at work getting cut slack for the fact that they are working with children at home. Sometimes one has to make a choice. I've chosen to not have children yet.

    I'm like Bud Head...people are probably going "What the hell is she talking about?"

    I don't know...some girls can do things that others can't. Like a fun game of football, I can hang with the guys but a lot of girls I know can't. So, back to that individualism thing. LOL!

    Damn it, mind is in overload now!!!! :)
  6. I don't think I would mind being one of those barefoot and pregnant women....just as long as I'm not forced into it, as long as I could get a job if I wanted
  7. This shouldn't be an issue at all but apparently it is. Men are different from women vice versa. Why do we need to be equal? well ofcourse it's more than fair to have the same salary from the same job, why this doesn't happen is an mystery to me. Women are to be adored by men, women are like cats they manipulate and men aren't sour because of that, men like to adore women and give them presents and all that stuff. Men are like dogs they do what you tell them to do and don't think about it too much. Shcovinism is stupid and so is feminism these parties are making men and women like enemies or something all this "I can't stand men, they're just horrible pgs!" and "ajjjj, women who needs them, all you want is an Whore in the bedroom, mom in kitchen and an angel to an living room" stuff is just stupid, stuåpid stupid stupid. Sure not all men love all women and that's just normal but one can't exist without the other. If a women want's to be something that is usually linked to men then so be it but don't expect to be treaded as an woman then. I have no meaning to judge anyone but I just don't understand masculine women and feminine men are the same. But I'm not suggesting that men should be macho and all MAN attitude all the time or that all women should be Divas and queens of the nile. But even the fact that we're thinking about this is weird.

  8. yeah you fucking man!

    I would have chose that but the closest answer would have to be that we are swinging the opposite direction a tad bit too much. Justification and opportunism have gotten in the way of reason. Civil rights are very important and there's still more to be done but ultimately you can only judge any particular person on their actions not their gender.
  9. rumjily say:
    I'm a very strong woman...physically, ........

    did we ever see a picture of u when zia went on the crazy pic posting spree? heehee

    ubik say:
    This shouldn't be an issue at all but apparently it is....
    :) (could be one of the best starts to a reply ever!)

    DAMN RIGHT IT SHOULDN'T! its a shame it is... it wouldn't be an issue if there was no sexism. i hate irrelevant discrimination. if anyone gonna discriminate against someone, do it on an individual basis... based on the content of that person's character or their actions.

    yeah you fucking man! ..
    i'm not really that sure what u were trying to say by highlighting 'man' like that...

    but anyway... this thread has reminded me of who one of my greatest inspirations is... Martin Luther King. now where the heck was the inspiration thread...

  10. i was trying to be funny by making an obviously hypocritical statement
  11. k... still not really sure.

    i kinda get it.. i just don't think it transfers well to text.

  12. well i got it and had a smirk at that, then again im a hypocrite and i openley admit that.

    i treat EVERY1 as an equal untill they prove otherwise. im just as happy spending time with male or female friends and when im with my mates women r just blokes with lumpy jumpers to me.

    i have worked with women as my boss and it doesnt bover me, if thay pay my wage i do as im told, iv had women work for me and i expect them to pull ther own weight or they dont work for me for long.

    i like to think of myself as a gent, i hold doors open for women and i often give up my seat on a crowed bus or train for women or old ppl etc. that to me is just having respect for other ppl but i have told (by a butch les women) that by doin that i was being sexist. i just said "sorry mate i thought u was a bloke" and walked off.

    when it comes to women as in love and sex then i want an equal, some1 i can talk with, get stoned with, go for a good drink with, laugh with, cry with and make love with. yeah i want a whore in the bed room, and yeah she better do her share around the house. so will i. but i do think that in every relationship some1 has to ware the trousers and that wud have to b me. not cus of any sexist thing, i just dont like being told wot to do. for me to b with some1 long turm she wud have to do wot i told her, and trust in me enough that i wud never do anything to hurt her and and all ways put her 1st.

    iv just read all that back, it didnt really come out the way i thought it wud but it took ages to rite so im posting it anyway :p

  13. That's one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard, and besides, in the end aren't we all a little lumpy?

    (that was another joke)

  14. U say that joking but ur not far off the truth mate,

    Physically there is only something like a 2% difference between a male and a female, men r 51% male and 49% female and women r 51% female and 49% male.

    Think about it …..

    All I got left to say is viva la diffarance!!!!!
  15. Society now allows women to be sexist agains men, but men arent allowed to be sexist against women, thuse proving how we missed the point of equality once again.

    What I think to a degree..

    it works the same way as racism.
    spanish or blacks cant be racist against whites, says society.
  16. I voted woman are allowed to be sexist, but I would love to have a guy to take care of me. The kitchen and the bedroom are pretty much my two favorite places on earth ;)

  17. Hello ;)

    ... but seriously, I voted for the one about how equality will never be acheived due to the differences.

    It's like trying to make apples and oranges equal.

  19. Apples and oranges equally suck
  20. so your sayin men n women equally suck? LOL ;P

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