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Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by hoka, Jul 19, 2002.

  1. I've never grown before. The bigger plants in my patch are now three feet. There are no flowers yet but I am wondering if I have some males. Are there any other ways to differentiate males other than ID those little balls at the nodes? I have ten plants and they are also being eaten... I think it is a little spider. I saw them and they have made some very little webs. Do I need to do anything about them?

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  2. sorry one more pic

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  3. and one more

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  4. hard to tell from the pics dude but at a glance I would say male. Get a closer picture of the nodes with the balls. The spider like things sound like spider mites. Very bad for pot plants. Were they indoors at one time? You can buy a solution at your local greenhouse that will kill them. Generally in the wild they get eaten by predatory bugs.
  5. Thanks for the advice about the bugs. I live in a country where English isn't spoken but I think I can manage a general pesticide. I don't know about organics but....
    Also they were never indoor. I put them out in the bush after three weeks of adoring them in the sun room.

    I've been cruising some sites for advice about sexing and I'm pretty sure those two plants are male. The others haven't really shown much yet but they are still putting out a lot of leaf growth. Is it better to yank them or should I bother transplanting? I'll try to put better pics, but I don't visit very often.

    Thanks again!!!!
  6. by sun room do you mean greenhouse. If so, spider mites can flourish. If you cannot find a pesticide to kill them common dish soap diluted with water will kill them as well. Just make sure you clean all the soap off after the mites die. As far as the male plants go, at the very least seperate them from your female plants so the do not polinate them. If they continue to show signs of male growth kill them. Remember to wash your hands thoroughly and change your clothes whenever you come in contact with them. The pollen will stick to your clothes and your skin and will transfer to the females. Good luck.
  7. Thank you BCgrower you have helped heaps. The sun room is part of my house just a glass room. I moved the plants over a month ago to the wild. I'm going to try out the dish soap and apply just to the 3 or 4 infested plants. Thanks

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  8. Thanks for the word. There coming out tomorrow. Hope its not too late.

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  9. ur 2nd and 3rd pic are of males, the first which is a set of all them cant see of course...but the 4th, damn, that's female and it got raped by the bugs! :( ...I think

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