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  1. Hi all...

    Well im pleased to say that it looks like i did not kill my plants when i burnt them!! They are 4 days into 12/12 and of course im not quite sure what a female plant looks like, i have seen some pictures but they are not that clear. How long into 12/12 before i can tell ? and how quickly can a male pollinate a female(In other words if i fail to spot a male say in 5 days could it get my laddies), I dont want a seedy crop.


  2. Wattew,

    How long into 12/12 before you can tell depends on the strain you are growing, in my case some KC36s took about a week to start showing sex.

    I thought determining sex was going to be way harder than it was, at least with KC36 it was very clear. Look at the canopy, where new growth is developing, if you see little balls then it's a male, if you see little white hairs, it's a female.

    Those little balls have to fill up with polen and open up for the females to get polinized, I'm sure it'll be weeks before the males are able to polinize, however, my recommendation is as soon as you spot them, take them out.

    I'm quite new at this so don't take my word for granted :), hope it helps.
  3. Cheers for that, im growing nortern lights, I heard this flowers from the top?
  4. Hi Wattew

    I'm also on a first grow with Northern Lights so I'd be real grateful if you could post back with your findings. How long did it take for them to show sex? And how easy was it to tell?

    Also, the growguide on this site said the best way to sex is just to give one of the branches a 12hr dark regime by putting a black bag on it then taking it off, and repeating the process, while leaving the platns on a 24hr light. Has anyone actually done this and made it work? The sense of it is obvious - saves two valuable weeks of vegging time - but it's a lot of hassle if it doesn't work, and reading through the threads at grasscity I get the impression that everyone is putting all their plants on a 12/12.

    Anyone know the real deal?
  5. Give them 13 to 13.5 of dark they will show sex a little sooner. 5-7 days. Ive been doing it for a few grows now, works great.

    And yea, don't worry if you can't tell sex right away. After the balls form on a male , it takes about two weeks for them to open and dust your ladies.

    By two weeks of 13 dark you will be able to tell a male and female apart easy. One will have little tiny looking grapes, male, other white hairs like corn gets on top of the corn

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