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  1. I put my plants into flowering a week after i vegged them from to seed to around 9 inches in a month.Havent ferted yet should i?But the reason im here is that is been on 12/12 for 9 days and still no sign of sex.Dont know the strain name but its a stativa.I was jsut wondering if it's normal takes this long to show sign of sex. Thanks for in help............................................oh ya im growing under a 150 w hps justs the job done great for having a couple plants.
  2. might have been a little small to start flowering anyhow so it might be a bit set back. id venture to say any day now, unless its not getting full 12 hr dark.

    hang tough
  3. sats can be slow to show, even more so when they are young.
    if you want them to show faster then drop the light to 11/13.
    more dark than light.
    when in flower for over a week return to 12/12 or your buds will be very skimpy and fluffy. steps of an extra 15 mins a day is best to return the light to 12/12
  4. thanks for the help but sadly the first one showing right now is a male but i have 6 plants so im predicting 3-4 females i hope. peace
  5. still not showing any signs since ive takin it done to 11/13.They are bag seeds and the light cycle was messed up once by leaveing the light on for an hour oveer about the 3 day of flowering do you think that could be it.It has been 10 days since i put them into flowering and still no signs.Is it normal for them to go this long with showing so did i screw up some where.Thanks any adive is helpful


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