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  1. #1 [​IMG]

    #1 is one plant
    #2 is one plant
    #3 & 4 is one plant

    so just 3 plants in all. I think #1 is male (may need to zoom in), and the rest are female, but i'd rather check and be safe than sorry :smoking:
  2. boy, girl, girl probably
  3. #1 is definitely a male? I dont wanna rip out any "maybe" 's
  4. I'm 95% sure, that other 5% of unsure is because I've only grown females, but it looks like a dude to me.
  5. Well, time to tear it out!
  6. #1 looks like a definate male to me, no harm in waiting a day or so though just to let those pollen sacks swell up a tad more.
  7. 1 is a male 2, 3, and 4 are females....never seen the first pistils come out red before.

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