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  1. This is my first grow and I have three 3.5 week old plants under a 400 watt MH lamp. A few days ago I noticed what appeared to be preflowers on the plants. I looked at them under 15X magnification and I didn't see any hairs but the preflowers didn't really look like the pictures of male flowers I've seen.

    My question is do female preflowers always have hairs from the moment when they emerge from the plant or is it possible that these plants might still possibly be female?

    I'll try to post a photo tonight.
  2. Def post pix. You shouldn't need magnification to see sex.
  3. in my experience you can see the sex organs beginning to grow before you can make out what they are. by the time there are "hairs" you don't need magnification though. One thing to note though, is that often the male preflowers have a little stem connecting them to the main stalk and female ones often don't, they look like they just sit right on the stalk/branch.
  4. Here are some pictures I took. The plants are 12 inches tall and will be 4 weeks old on Monday. I'm thinking they are all males but I wanted to get a second opinion.

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  5. way 2 early to tell you can see the preflowers about to form but my guess would be female but wait till you see balls or hairs coming out of that pear shaped organ (or tear drop)
  6. if a cluster of those preflowers form and trhey look like balls cut if a small hair stars to emarge female...or you can wait just a lil bit longer and it will be more obvious. don't worry bro you'll know
  7. I just put the plants on a 12/12 schedule and switched to a 400 watt HPS bulb so hopefully they will reveal their sex soon. This is my first grow and the plants look fantastic; all nice and bushy. I'd be bummed if they all turned out to be male.
  8. Very unlikely they will all be male, and bro especially if all the conditions in your grow room have been pretty good and stable......So keep your head up
  9. I don't think growing conditions affect plant gender (except hermaphroditism) but it would be nice!

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