Sexing, Transplanting and my First Outdoor Grow

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by mickie20001, Jun 18, 2019.

  1. OK folks - so a total noob here. This is my second grow first time outdoors so I have a few questions.

    Right now I have a handful of plants that have been growing for about two months. They are roughly 30" tall and currently in 3-gallon softpots.

    I'm assuming that I'll lose half for being male (maybe save 1 to harvest seeds) but the females I was going to transplant into larger pots (20-100 gal).

    Here's the problem - the plants are starting to get a little topheavy and they've been ion those pots for 45 days so I'm sure they need some more room to grow.

    I was going to wait until I can sex them before transplanting but I'm afraid I may be shooting myself in the foot.

    SHould I wait until they can be sexed and then only transplant the females? When should I be able to tell this? I would have to be when it switched to flower which I'm assuming is another month and a half away.

    Should I go ahead and transplant them all so they can be growing assuming the smaller plants are probably the females so those should go in the larger pots?

    Any advice here is greatly appreciated. I'm sort of attached to my babies and want nothing but the best for them.
  2. Your plants should start showing sign of sex soon.
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  3. Thanks brother ... I'm looking every day but I can't tell yet what's organs and what are leaves getting resdy to bud - I'm sure my old eyes don't help.
  4. I’m an outdoor grower and the seeds I germinated 4/1 just started showing their sex 5 days ago.
  5. sweet - I germinated on 4/20 (total accident) so I should be good in a few weeks - thx brother

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