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  1. Guys iI need some info... if I wait 30-40 days after the seed pops thru soil would it be safe to take 2-3 clones ? Also I plan to put 1 clone in flower ( after 7 days rooting ) and put the other clone in veg... now after the clone has roots it will show sex in 7-14 days right ? and my seedling plant will be at about 10 weeks veg!! Wont it show sex by 10 weeks veg ? If so whats the advantage of this whole force flowering thing ?
  2. yes a clone or clones can be taken from a plant at 30-40 days veg, as long as it is developed for flowering a clone after only 7 days days rooting, i'd say no, it's too early and flowering it will cause some stress, when it's allready stressed out developing a good root structure, but i may be wrong, woody is the best to answer that one, as he only grows from for the 10 week old plant showing sex, some strains will show sex when they're good and ready, even indoors, and the other 95% of strains will need to be forced to flower, unless grown outdoors..........and the advantage of force flowering is that you can keep a plant in a constant veg stage in a seperate chamber, and use it for clones only, this is known as the mother.......(obviously it has to be a female in the first place)....and in another room or chamber you have flowering room.................hence 2 rooms one on a light schedule of 18/6 or 24/0 whichever you prefer and this room will have the mother plant and all the rooting clones, and in the other room you'd have a light schedule of 12/12 in here would be all the clones that have a good root structure and are being flowered..........hope that kinda answers your what's the hurry??...............Peace out.............Sid
  3. ps forgot to say most growers prefer to have 3 rooms 1 for rooting, one for vegging and another for flowering for a continuous growing most growers like to root their clones under fluros..................Peace out..........Sid
  4. Well, i need to find out sex before i flower seedling plants so i know whats female and what to take more clones from, is it ok to force flower a clone ? yes or no, im going to throw it out anyway i just need to know sexes of my main seedlign plants!
  5. here's what i'd do.......if you take clones they're going to take approx 7-14 days just to root and then you'd have to force flowering and if you were lucky you'd be able to tell sex in approx a further 7-10 days.......hence all in it would take approx 14-24 days to tell the sex of the clones and then know what plants to remove and what to keep..............a faster way is to put the 30-40 day old seedling plants into 12/12 and wait approx 7-10 days till they start to show sex and then remove the males and also the male clones (which should all be well marked, or you may lose your females as well like i did stoned one night) takes less than 2 weeks to do, and tells you the sex of both the seedling plants and the clones, and then if you want both the clones and the seedling plants to veg longer you can....... it tells you which to bin and which to keep so can grow in confidence that all are long as you don't get a hermie.........that's a transexual to all non growers.........every grower hates them.................Peace out.........Sid
  6. And how do you get a hermy ? Male pollinates female ? I like your idea also but would i have to throw my female seedling plants out or could i just keep them in flower and get a few grams of bud off them ?
  7. a plant can turn hermi when its stressed, normaly its from bad lighting cycles but it can happen other ways.

    there is a way to keep getting buds from the same plant its called reveging. u flower the plant and then harvest it early leaving a lot of the plant still growing, then u turn the lights back to vegging, 18/6 or 24/0 till u get new growth then u can flower it again, mite b an idea to let it grow a bit 1st tho.

    warning, this can stress the plant and cause it to throw a few male flowers.
  8. I see... so should i throw my female seedling plants out ?? Or just flower them until im satisfyd with the amount of bud to harvest off them ( since the clones will give better more potent bud )
  9. why not keep the biggest female, as a mother, keep her for clones. that gives you chance to free up some space, and gro some others.
  10. I hear seedling bud/mothers arent any good the clones are... i will make one of the clones a mother if i have enough!

  11. where did you hear this? im sure it may be true, but even a 1st generation from seed should be pretty potent if grown under ideal conditions. clones after a time will degenerate
  12. not sure.... im gonna have to look into this im not sure what to do now !
  13. okay this is what i would do. if space was limited, then i would take my biggest female that appeared to be the best genetically, and keep her in veg state, maybe even 2 if i was torn about killing a girl. from that point, you could take clones basically whenever, from that point you could start your flowering 2-3 weeks after the clones have vegged. 6-8 weeks later, a harvest. and so fourth. i would not clone from clones.
  14. hehe ill have a look into that!

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