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  1. I am pretty sure this is a male but I can't tell if it's the start of those seed sacks or just random growth. What do you guys think? And if it is male is there anyway to speed up the process so I can get the seeds as quickly as possible? Cause I just want to start a new one haha.

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  2. I don't believe it is showing yet. The new growth on left-center side of plant is a little questionable, but it's a single tapered mass, and male "balls" are always round. If it's a male, then within 2-3 days it will present like a cluster of grapes, multiple balls, separated from the main trunk by a single stalk. Look with a handheld magnifying glass at the bottom of the suspected ball. If it is on a stalk, separated from the trunk, it's a male preflower. If it is a female preflower, it will grow directly off the plant stem with no stalk. And a couple of hairs will pop out within a few days :)
    Give it a couple of days. No sense in hurrying at this point.

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