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  1. my plants are around 1 month old now and i am looking at figuring out the sex soon what should i be looking for?
  2. I can't help you with preflowers, but a male will have groups of football shaped sacks at the nodes of the main stem and the side branches. A female will have fine hairs at first in about the same areas as where you would find pollen sacks. There's supposed to be a way to figure all this out before the plant begins to flower but I've never learned. I mainly grow indoors and using a short veg time, I never get to the point where the plant is old enough to show preflowers. I've always sexed my plants using a 12/12 light cycle.
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    I'm going to say it's probably too early for you to sex your plants because they aren't showing the above preflowers. There is no accurate way to judge a plant's sex before it shows preflowers.

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