Sexing plants early? Need help/information!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by law_101, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. So i am thinking about being the parent of a few children. I would rather have little girls as most of you all assume. I was wondering how stressful it would be on the plants that after 2-ish weeks of veg if i switch to 12-12 lighting and switch out lights to force flowering for sexing reasons. so my questions are...

    Is 2 weeks long enough?

    Is this precess too stressful on most plants to do without killing the plants?

    How long would it take under 12-12 lighting to show sex?

    Since the plants are so small would i have to use a microscope or just wait for female hairs?

    Anything anyone can do is awesome and greatly appriciated! My Area seems to be smaller and i wouldnt want to start out with 6 just to find out that in flowering there are only 2 female and those two ladies could have been growing up big and tall and fat but the other 4 were taking up the space.... :)
  2. some people go 12/12 from seed. you can put it in 12/12 anytime. i beleive it's recommended to put them in 36 hours of dark before switching em over. just know that sooner you put em in 12/12 the smaller and less bud they'll produce.
  3. You might want to veg for at least 3 weeks to get nice big branches , then in return get huger colas, but as chemicalcomfort said you can go 12/12 anytime there is no restriction you will just have less b ud
  4. if you do that, you're gonna lose time waiting for it to show sex. then you'll have to wait for it to revert back to veg. huge waste of time. wait until the plants get a little bigger and take some cuts and put those into flower.
  5. so take a clone more or less from it and force flower it to see what it does? I truly never thought about doing that.... smart man! That is if i took it corectly...
  6. yes sir, it works.
  7. It usually takes two weeks for plants to show sex once the 12/12 light cycle has occurred but if the plant is sativa it will take a little longer each strain is different.
  8. wont it be half male half female if you stress it after a few weeks
  9. But, how big would these cuttings going into flowering? it seems like it would be some what small.
  10. yeah the cuttings would be quite small but you can start 12/12 from sprout and just have bonsai plants. The smaller sprouts wont be really good for harvest more of just sexing reasons. The smaller could be used as a seed backup if things go south with a mom.. but i was thinking about it just for sexing to make room for the fems to grow bigger and have more space to branch out during late veg and flowering cycle

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