sexing out then back 2 veg??

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    i heard from a old buddy who said he used 2 grow alot n he said he woud switch his lights 2 12/12 2 make em sex out but asoon as they did hed switch them back 2 24/ this possible?wat wud be the outcome of this would the plant revert back 2 veg or flower with wayy more light making for awesome extreme budss???:smoking:prly not but lemme kno wat u thnk.thxx

    p.s. off topic-but how much taller do plants grow after u switch 2 12/12??thnxx
  2. Yes, some people do flower a plant and then revert it to vegging by doing that exact
    method. It will increase your grow time by at least two weeks though while the plant
    builds up and then removes the hormones associated with the flowering stage.

    Some of us simply wrap a single branch with a dark black bag and flower just a single
    branch instead of the whole plant, it works and takes less time in some cases. Just
    be careful if it turns male, you don't want any pollen escaping the bag and into your
    girls! If it turns male, yank it! :)

    You can, as a rule of thumb, expect a plant to triple in size after flowering. Sometimes
    more, sometimes less; but triple is the average.

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist
  3. sweeet sounds good dud thxx a ton u pretty much summed it all up 4 me

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