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  1. Hi everyone.. First time hydro grower here. Needing some expert advice.

    Specs: polyfill growing medium
    Gh 3 part nutes
    Constant flow Gravity fed DWC

    First issue:
    I'm needing some help identifying the male plants. I've read the documents and looked at the pictures but still not quite sure. The pictures are below.

    Second issue:
    Discovered some black mold in the reservoir on a rubbermaid label that I forgot to remove. Also found a black ball of what i assume is mold on the roots. I've been using h2o2 since the beginning, hopefully that will control it. Is it safe to use a fungicide to control the reservoir mold? Please suggest anything else you can think of.

    Third issue:
    It seems growth has really slowed down lately. Could be nutrient lockout attributed to the ph of 7. However, the ph has been at 7 throughout the entire grow... Tried vinegar to lower the ph but had an adverse reaction..(wilting and foam on the water at one point).. Can't afford ph down at the moment. Looking into "super triple phosphate" from the hardware store but I'm afraid to add anything (especially during flowering) after the last time i laid the plants down with vinegar.

    Fourth issue:
    I'm using the 3 part GH nutes and about to run out. Too broke to buy another round of nutes so i'm considering a poorman's nute solution(miracle grow, epsom salt,calcium nitrate). Does anyone have experience with poormans's solutions?

    Fifth issue:
    Hydro has really turned out to be a hassle in comparison to soil. In your opinion, is it really worth all the extra work? Does it get easier and less costly with experience?

    Misc Questions:
    1.Is it safe to spray seltzer solution during flowering? (mold concern?)
    2.Is it safe to cut the mold from roots?
    3.Why are my roots the color they are?
    4.What is the maximum amount of h2o2 that can be added?
    5.Mold found in tank.. does that mean it's in the polyfill growing medium too?

    Any comments or suggestions welcomed! Thanks!

    Link to photo album ----> hXXp://
    change hxxp to http...(i'm not sure of the forum rules)
  2. Well i dont know, but I do know that you shouldn't use vinegar to lower ph in Hydro, use only for soil, and ya your ph in hydro should be 5.5-6.1 ph I believe Iam right, I have never grew hydro :D this what I had picked up from reading, you will gain all kinds of knowledge. No offense but hydro cost some good coin and it seems your running extremly low, soil grows much cheaper and less hassle, but can't beat the hydro buds, you just have to dial in your problems and then be set, good luck. Oh and your gonna need to post them pictures man your link did not work.
  3. I can help with the sexing. Every close up of the plants you showed us were male. Your first four pics are all male. Your pics labeled sacks are all male as are the ones labeled male. Your roots look fine to me. I do not see any root rot. As for the rot in the rubber maid, I would say the next time you drain it, take some bleach or rubbing alcohol (when plants are out of it of course) and clean out that mold. Then fill back up with a solution that has the correct PH (nowhere near 7 for hydro) and monitor it closely. Other than that it looks to me like you are doing well in hydro. You have been very lucky thus far with your ph being that high.
  4. thanks for the information! :)

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