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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by mokeweed, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. hey GC. def. a beginner here. Went out to the woods today to water and take pics. I have 3 plants growing. No special fets, nutrients, soil, growing tech, anything, just planted and let mother nature take over.

    Plant 1 is my smallest in overall size, but is budding the best so far.

    Plant 1 overall


    Plant 1 close up


    plant 2 had none of the hairs a week ago. They shot out of no where quick... but not really any visible bud starts.

    plant 2 overall


    plant 2 up close


    plant three i am still questioning the sex... as you can see labled, a single, tiny white hair.

    But are those bud starts, or pollen sacks???

    Plant 3 sacks or budss?

    Plant 3 bud w/ hair


    Comments, suggestiong, questions, anything would be appreciated. thanks
  2. 1st plant. hermie

    2nd plant. female

    3rd plant. male.. pull this one quick

    not sure what u wanna do about ur hermie, looks pretty nice. but those pollen sacks will open up..and well..u know
  3. ok, read the sticky on hermies, and still have no clue what they are. is it like a he/she?? and it said they can be male or female... so have any clue what mine is?... so confused.
  4. its both. it will have bud. but it has male pollen sacks too. so its gonna bud like a female and spread pollen. so your gonna get seeds, and unfortunately your female next to it will get seeds too.
  5. ok. im gunna leave it, since i only have 3 plants, i can use all the bud i can get. and ripping out one that produces bud seems pointless to me, but im not picky... and how positive are you about the 3rd plant being male? well... not gunna rip it out unless 100% positive its male:rolleyes:
  6. im 110% positive its male. pull that thing quick or ur crops gettin ruined.
  7. will it reduce my buds on the female, or just create many seeds in the buds?

    sry so many questions, im just trying to learn.
  8. once it gets pollinated. it stops producting thc (the stuff that gets u high) and puts its energy into seeds. as far as i know.

    atleast get the male outta there. ive smoked bud thats hermie b4 and i remember it still bein pretty good. its just too bad ur pure female will be affected also. anyway u can move them far away from eachother?
  9. I dunno I'd pull the hermie too it looked like it became one pretty early there so it's barely going to have any bud on it. It may have been more worth it if it hermied later in flowering...
  10. how easy is it transplant? i can rip up the male, but i would like to see that the hermie can make. they are planted maybe 3 or 4 inches from each other. n im not sure how big the root spread is on them.


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