sexing in veg???

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by DaRampantRabbit, Nov 2, 2007.

  1. growing some white russian(serious seeds) at the minute, they are still in veg. 110w cfl grow light, on an 18/6 cycle, these plants have started to sex and i was wondering if anyone has ever come across this before, and do i have a serious problem or is this a regular thing that i have just not encountered in growing before??? my first russian grow, is this mor of an experts growing plant??? only on bout my 18th plant, sostill a bit of a virgin at this game....
  2. Im a noob but I think some strains "autoflower" and I know plants are said to show sex in veg at 6-8 weeks. I personally have seent his with a male in my grow that just started to show me balls but I havent seen it with my females, I had to wait to flower clones in order to see REAL pistils. Once I saw a female clone at the store that had pistils for sure and the guy SWORE it had only vegged so I think on some strains it happens or maybe on certain phenos??? hth like I said dont take this as gospel

  3. they are pre flowers which is normal i hope you got some girls

    some plants show signs early some late

    its normal and you should bud soon

  4. cheers pal, was gettin worried for a minute.. good and bad by the looks of it so far
  5. Take a squiz at my grow I got all my girls showing little preflowers. They are so pretty.
  6. You should be fine.They are telling you they are ready.My sativa did the same thing at 6wks of veg.

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